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Measuring impact wins public trust and is good for the bottom line 

IbyIMD+ Published 22 January 2024 in Purpose • 11 min read • Audio availableAudio available

Impact metrics are not just about keeping regulators and investors happy. They can help unearth new pockets of value for companies, from talent and brand appeal to efficiency and innovation.

The world is witnessing a significant shift in public perceptions. Multinational companies are no longer just expected to be profitable but also socially and environmentally responsible. According to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer, among governments, NGOs, media, and business, only the latter is perceived as competent and ethical across 23 countries globally. Corporate leaders have a lot to live up to.

Almost two-thirds of the barometer’s respondents said they based buying decisions on their beliefs and values, and nearly seven in 10 wanted their employer to share their values. However, hopes placed in business go beyond individual preferences. Across 27 countries globally, around half of respondents asked for more engagement from business in the areas of climate change, economic inequality, energy shortages, healthcare access, workforce reskilling, and, notably, trustworthy information. The call for accountability in the business world has never been louder and…

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