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The Interview Podcast Series

Sarena Lin

6 December 2022 in The Interview Podcast Series

IMD's Misiek Piskorski speaks with Sarena Lin, Chief Transformation & Talent Officer at Bayer, about digital transformation and leadership...

In this episode of IMD’s “The Interview” podcast, Sarena Lin, Chief Transformation & Talent Officer at Bayer, speaks with IMD’s Professor Misiek Piskorski about digital transformation and leadership.

Bayer is a global enterprise specializing in a range of life sciences fields including pharmaceuticals, consumer health, and crop management. Sarena Lin has been a member of its Board since 2021 and, as CTTO, she is responsible for human resources, strategy, and business consulting. Lin is also the Labor Director of Bayer AG.

Mikołaj Jan Piskorski, also known as Misiek Piskorski, is Professor of Digital Strategy, Analytics, and Innovation and Dean of IMD Asia and Oceania. He is an expert on digital strategy, platform strategy, and the process of digital business transformation. He works with companies in various industries across the globe to support them through digital transformation.

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