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IbyIMD+ Published 30 July 2021 in Magazine • 4 min read

Office life can be a source of conflict and emotional pain no matter where you are on the career ladder. Alyson Meister uses the latest research to help tackle any problems you may face

Should I ‘friend’ my colleagues on Facebook? 

We’re all working in a virtual world now, and I find that I’m getting more “friend” requests across various social media platforms from colleagues and clients, but also from my organization’s social media accounts. Do I have to “friend” these people? Should I?  

Social media is one of those topics that can divide a dinner party (particularly after Netflix’s The Social Dilemma), so there is no clear “right” answer to whether one should connect with colleagues, clients or organizations. What is most important is to intentionally set your own informed rules and boundaries, and actually follow through with them. 

Here are a few things to consider: First, determine why you are on social media. To socialize with friends? To keep in touch with…

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