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Books to empower you in times of trouble

IbyIMD+Published 7 April 2023 in Book Review • 4 min read

IMD professors recommend titles to help you to reduce stress, think clearly, and make effective decisions. There’s even a note of praise for the ‘unsung heroes’ of government. 

The Power of Now 

by Eckhart Tolle 

Published nearly 20 years ago, The Power of Now remains one of the most important books for helping people to deal with stress in highly uncertain times. It was a life-changing book for me. The premise is that dwelling on the past or being preoccupied with the future is a form of mental insanity as all that’s real is “now”. The past has gone and cannot be changed, so dwelling on it is a waste of resources. And the future is a fantasy as we cannot predict with any certainty what’s going to happen. The here and now is our only reality, and if we are in the now all is usually fine. Most anxieties and fears come from ruminating on the past and/or being fearful about the future. This is a critical concept for managers to grasp. Yes, it is important to do scenario planning and to be mindful of the future, but all this planning is about a potential future that may or may not unfold as predicted. S to be too focused on the future at the…

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