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The Human Experience: How to make life better for customers and create a more successful organization

Join us on 24 May 2023 for a Book Club with Seรกn Meehan and John Sills, author of The Human Experience.

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John Sills, Managing Partner at growth consultancy The Foundation and author of the new book The Human Experience, debates whether organizations are now full of humans who aren’t allowed to act in a human way.

He’ll cover:
โ€ข Why customer loyalty is a myth
โ€ข How we escape from the epidemic of feedback surveys
โ€ข The pain of being on hold (unless you’re with Octopus Energy)
โ€ข Why bad customer experience is really expensive to provide
โ€ข Why Swiss trains are so much better than UK ones

In discussion with IMD Professor Seรกn Meehan, John will share some of the lessons from his book, including the human behaviors customers expect to see, and the cultural enablers organizations need in place to act in this way consistently – and build a more successful organization in the process.

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Book Club Human Experience

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