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Why a compassionate leader is a better leader

IbyIMD+ Published 3 August 2022 in Leadership • 7 min read

Contrary to popular belief, traits such as empathy and compassion can be trained and developed. And that is what should be happening in the workplace. Not only does a caring approach reduce stress and the risk of burnout in the workforce – it also enhances CEOs’ own leadership and wellbeing.

Among the myriad changes brought by the pandemic, a significant one is mental health’s new prominence in the workplace.

Wellbeing had already been rising up the corporate agenda, but the pandemic exacerbated mental health issues. In just one example, the CovSocial research project into a large cohort of Berliners aged 18–65 showed that participants reported increased depression, anxiety, loneliness and stress during the Cov19-pandemic and especially during lock-downs. During the second lockdown, they experienced “lockdown fatigue,” and their symptoms were increasing with each passing month.

The situation in Berlin reflected the situation in the wider world. Fitbit, for instance,…

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