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Human Resources

Invest in learning to reverse the ‘Great Resignation’

Published 12 April 2022 in Human Resources • 6 min read

Learning may be the essential glue that holds your workforce together in these turbulent times — and keeps them interested in being productive and engaged at the organization.

As companies and employees continue to adjust to the demands of hybrid working, the issue of learning becomes even more critical to figuring out how to deal with this emerging workplace phenomenon.

That’s because burnout and a sense of purposelessness have been blamed for widespread employee disillusionment with the workplace that’s been dubbed the “Great Resignation”, an economic phenomenon whereby record numbers of people have quit their jobs in search of more rewarding or better paid work, leading to a sharp increase in vacancies. 

The trend is even more pronounced among younger workers: a 2021 survey by Microsoft found that Generation Z (anyone born after 1996), women, frontline workers, and those new to their careers reported that they were struggling the most over the previous year. Overall,…

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