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Time to start planning for quantum

IbyIMD+ Published 28 July 2022 in Technology • 6 min read

Quantum computing could arrive sooner than many leaders expect. They need to start laying the groundwork now.

Business interest in quantum computing has been steadily increasing. Landmark moments, such as Google’s announcement that it had performed the first exclusively quantum computer operation, have grabbed widespread attention. This attention is driving a shift in how quantum computing is perceived, taking it from a niche technical curiosity to a serious topic occurring regularly within mainstream business-technology discussions.

The million-dollar question is, when should companies start investing in the technology? While that remains unclear, it could arrive sooner than many might expect, and companies should start thinking seriously about what a venture into quantum might mean for them. New research from EY has found that nearly half (48%) of large companies polled in the UK believe that quantum computing will play a significant role in their businesses by 2025.

Now’s the time

For a growing number of businesses, the time to engage with quantum has already arrived.…

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