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The art of the impossible: why leaders should be creative 

IbyIMD+ Published 15 May 2024 in Innovation • 5 min read

Benjamin Von Wong is a Canadian artist who has gained recognition for creating powerful images that carry important environmental and social messages. He combines fantasy, surrealism, and environmental themes. Here, he explains how his creative approach translates for business leaders.

What is your theory for change and approach as an artist?

When we think of behavior change, we often think of inflection points – that moment when ice turns to water. But when we think about how we change as individuals, we think of it more along the lines of trends – a gradual warming over time toward a concept, idea, or belief that eventually leads to a new routine, habit, or behavior.

My work seeks to help lubricate that transition towards the inflection point. I create opportunities for conversations for those who have already changed their behavior and might want to convince their friends. I create moments of inspiration for those who are frustrated and burning out – to help them feel less alone.

Alongside this work, I also create multimedia resources for organizations and businesses that want to attract demographics that are mission-driven.

For example, the art installation shown above was displayed at the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, where 1,500…

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