Siri Terjesen

Siri Terjesen, Associate Dean, Phil Smith Professor and Madden Center Executive Director at Florida Atlantic University, holds a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship & Strategy (Cranfield University) and a rich academic background. Her impactful research, comprising over 65 articles, 23 chapters, and awards for teaching excellence, reflects her significant contributions. Beyond academia, she excelled as a management consultant and international ultradistance runner.

Latest publications

Elon Musk Tesla

Tesla’s crossroads: Can Elon Musk’s stock-market darling retain an edge over rivals? 

7 hours ago • by Michael R. Wade in Innovation • 7 min read

The EV pioneer’s once-unrivaled dominance is being tested by declining sales, fierce competition, and questions about its commitment to sustainability and innovation. IMD’s Michael Wade examines Tesla’s strategic direction and leadership. ...


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