Miriam Twaalfhoven

Miriam is an advocate of non-profit organisations in education. She is currently the Chair of the Stichting Careduca Foundation, which aims to advance the education of children locally and internationally. She is a former member of the Supervisory Board of Indivers BV, the Board of Governors of Marymount International School, London, a former Trustee of the American University of Paris, and Partner and Founder of Business Analytica in Moscow. She completed her IMD MBA in 1988.  

Latest publications

Susan Stein

How a publisher is using AI to become the Google of legal journals

IbyIMD+10 March 2023 • by Susanne Stein in Women leaders • 5 min read

Susanne Stein, managing partner of Vienna’s MANZ Publishers, explains how she harnessed Artificial Intelligence to transform the company from a traditional publishing house to a cutting-edge online legal publisher. ...


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