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Juliet Bourke

Human Resources

Harnessing the power of diversity for innovation 

IbyIMD+ Published 21 February 2022 in Human Resources • 6 min read

What are the two common assumptions around diversity of thinking that need to be challenged within organizations?


Leaders who are looking to create genuinely diverse thinking groups within their organization first need to test and challenge two mainstream assumptions about diversity of thinking, according to UNSW Business School’s Juliet Bourke, Adjunct Professor in the School of Management & Governance. 

The first common assumption is the “savior ideology” or “savior mythology”, in which people believe one single person has all the answers to their problems. “People have this view that there’s a maverick who thinks very differently and if we bring that person into a group of people who think very similarly, that person will save the day. So, there’s this real emphasis on an individual. I think that’s incorrect,” said Prof. Bourke (pictured above). 

“Really, diversity of thinking is about making sure the different elements of the group come together so you need…

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