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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Agree to disagree to create synergy from diversity 

IbyIMD+ Published 27 September 2023 in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion • 8 min read

Reaping the performance benefits of diversity requires leaders to shift the focus from helping individuals feel included to empowering teams to put their diversity to work.

The approach by companies to diversity, equity, and inclusion has evolved. There is increasing awareness that simply trying to manage “the numbers” (the diversity of the workforce) and ensure equal employment opportunity (prevent biases in selection and promotion) is not sufficient to build a flourishing diverse workforce that adds value to the company and that makes the experience of work enjoyable. To do so effectively requires that employees, regardless of their background, experience a sense of inclusion – a sense that they can bring their whole self to work and belong. A focus on such psychological safety and belonging is important. But when this is the core focus, it risks leaving the value of diversity only partly realized if companies do not also approach inclusion and inclusive leadership from the perspective of creating synergy from diversity.  

The reason for this is that creating synergy from diversity requires deliberate effort to integrate diverse…

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