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Data in your Equity, Inclusion & Diversity strategy: friend or foe?

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Now that diversity & inclusion has moved from a ‘nice thing to do’ to the ‘right thing to do’, what are the implications for business leaders and what role does data play therein? Is it a friend or foe in the journey to gender equality?  

This three-part webinar series explores specific questions related to HR data, including: How can organizations attract and retain a diverse workforce? Do 'left brain' approaches favoring numbers accelerate or deviate from the gender equality journey?  

How can organizations counterbalance emotions linked to the gender equity conversation? Is reliability on data a comfortable solution instead of addressing behaviors and culture? 

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IWD Webinar

7 March 2023

Let's get to the bottom of embracing equity

On the eve of International Women's Day (8 March),  a panel of leaders discussed the behavior changes we can make to embrace equity, to lead with inclusion, and to accelerate equity in working environments.

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I by IMD six webinar 24 March 2022

24 March 2022

Carrot or stick: the impact of government gender policy

In the second webinar of the IMD & SIX series, we will address today’s Gender Equality challenges for businesses headquartered in Switzerland. Four leaders, each confronted with the opportunities and challenges to promote more gender equality, will discuss the pros and cons of its development.

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7 October 2021

HR data and personalization – TMI or just enough?

In the first webinar of the IMD & SIX series, we discussed how technology, data and analytics are advancing at unprecedented speed, and enabling companies to create more personal experiences across products, channels and experiences.

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