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How to measure inclusion to accelerate your EI&D efforts

Published 9 February 2023 in CEO Circle • 12 min read

Society and business are changing. Josefine van Zanten and Alexander Fleischmann recommend five steps to update the quality and reliability of an organization’s inclusion measures, as well as tips to foster inclusive leadership behaviors.

The tectonic changes we witnessed in the early 2020s brought equity, inclusion, and diversity (EI&D) to the top of CEOs’ priority lists. By now the business case for EI&D is well-proven, in addition, social movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have reached all corners of global societies.

First and foremost, organizations must know where they stand when it comes to EI&D and be able to track their progress on several fronts: the broad diversity of employees, the equitability of their systems and processes, and the quality of their inclusive environment for all employees.

To guide organizations in this endeavor, IMD ran the independent academic research project Inclusive Future*. Part of this research revisited how corporations, academics, and large consultancy firms define and measure inclusion today. The common approach companies currently take is to ask their employees about their individual perception of inclusion in a survey. Usually, 5-10 questions…

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