Case Study

ABB's carbon-neutral conundrum

12 pages
December 2005
Reference: IMD-2-0110

A lot has been done at ABB about the environment; the company is in compliance with legislation and indeed goes substantially beyond compliance in its sustainability activities. It is becoming difficult to innovate in this area; however the environmental management staff are in danger of becoming complacent and are in need of a challenge. Furthermore, global environmental problems are worsening every day, and the spectre of climate change is an increasingly everyday reality. Christian Kornevall weighs up the pros and cons of setting a really ambitious target worthy of a leading company, and capable of ‘jump-starting’ ABB staff to action; that of ABB becoming carbon neutral.

Climate Change, Automation Technology, Corporate Sustainability Management
World/global, Switzerland
Asea Brown Boveri
December 2004
Field Research
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