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Leading in Turbulent Times

How the triple bottom line can add impact to your family firm’s philanthropy

IbyIMD+14 June 2023 • by Malgorzata Smulowitz in Leading in Turbulent Times

Two family business owners share how a focus on profit, people, and planet has helped increase the impact of their families’ philanthropic efforts....

Two family business owners share how a focus on profit, people, and planet has helped increase the impact of their families’ philanthropic efforts.

After years of study, interviewing 70 philanthropic families across 30 continents, IMD has published a new report, Navigating your family’s philanthropic future across generations. Our study shows how philanthropy can be a powerful and positive force for the wider family enterprise system. But many families, like other businesspeople across the globe, are still wrestling with how to ensure their philanthropic efforts are having the desired impact and how to obtain the buy-in of other family members, managers, and employees throughout their business.

To receive some insight into how families can successfully navigate some of the challenges to developing a cohesive philanthropic strategy, I sat down with Ariane Spandow, Co-owner and Chairwoman of Spabogruppen and Amesto Group, and Arild Spandow, Founder and CEO of Amesto Group. Ariane and Arlid emphasized their belief that if you are going to be relevant in the future, you need to focus on people, planet, and profits.


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Leveraging family philanthropy to create corporate social value

Join us on 13 June for a conversation between Malgorzata Smulowitz, co-author of the new report Navigating Your Family's Philanthropic Future Across Generations, and two members of the Spandow family, owners of Norwegian family businesses Spabogruppen and Amesto Group.

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In this webinar, you will learn about the findings of our recent research in the field of family philanthropy. Plus, in a discussion with Ariane Spandow, co-owner and chairwoman of Spabogruppen and Amesto Group, and Arild Spandow, founder and CEO of Amesto Group, we will explore how your business can effectively leverage philanthropy to drive corporate social value. Their experience demonstrates that focusing on the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) is good for business.


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Ariane Spandow

Ariane Spandow

Co-owner and chairwoman of Spabogruppen and Amesto Group

Ariane is passionate about sustainable businesses and constantly exploring different ways in which Amesto and Spabo can work through corporate social and environmental perspectives, creating value. She aims to reflect a triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) in all the companies within Spabogruppen.


Arild Spandow

Arild Spandow

Founder and CEO of Amesto Group

Arild is an experienced leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, who is always looking for opportunities. He is passionate about exponential technology and value-based leadership. He is an experienced board member and the driving force of Amesto’s intrapreneur program.

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