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In 2023, take a tip from tech: diversify to survive


In 2023, take a tip from tech: diversify to survive

IbyIMD+ Published 13 December 2022 in Magazine • 8 min read • Audio availableAudio available

The uncertain economic landscape makes predicting winners and losers over the coming year more unpredictable than ever. But Howard Yu and his team focus on hard data to predict what it will take for an organization to weather the storm 

Being “future-ready” is always a work in progress. There is a need to constantly improve or risk sliding backwards. It is hard not to worry when confronted with inflation, an energy crisis, US and China decoupling, and a war in Europe. Future-ready companies are the ones capable of delivering today while building for tomorrow. The economic challenges are very real, and the uncertainty of the macro-environment is scary – but curtailing all corporate development is what smart companies carefully avoid.  

Easy money is no longer around, so companies need to prioritize where to invest. Spending must be disciplined, but this doesn’t mean blindly scaling back every innovation. As Andy Grove, former CEO of the US technology giant Intel, said: “Bad companies are destroyed by crises and good companies survive – but great companies are improved by them.” So, who is the most future-ready and likely to thrive in the coming year?  

In this year’s final round-up of IMD’s Future…

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