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From audio apps to food delivery, picking winners in era of change

IbyIMD+ Published 24 June 2021 in Magazine • 8 min read

Super forecasters see things more accurately than their peers. Keeping a fluid mindset is vital as we steer a course towards a post-pandemic business landscape. Howard Yu gazes into his crystal ball to identify four trends that are likely to outlast COVID-19

Every government wants the world back to normal. Businesses hope to reset for growth. As conditions continue to evolve rapidly, we must constantly update our mental models. The challenge for executives is to adjust without overcorrecting. The winners are “super forecasters” who consistently see things more accurately than the public. Super forecasters are note specially clever. Often, they are not even subject matter experts. But they are more open to contradictory evidence than their peers. They avoid seeking confirmation of their own opinions. They are more comfortable shifting positions.

This fluid mindset is important as we navigate beyond the pandemic’s many changes. The only way to keep up is to keep an…

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