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How better leadership in hospitals can improve patient outcomes

IbyIMD+ Published 28 October 2021 in Leadership • 5 min read

New research has found an improved approach to leadership coordination and communication in hospital can improve patient outcomes.


The importance of healthcare systems globally has been under a spotlight since the advent of COVID-19. Much of this attention has naturally focused on the capacity (of lack thereof) of hospitals to deal with public health crises and there have been many learning lessons – particularly at a public sector level – in pandemic readiness as a result. 

But what about the effectiveness of hospitals themselves, and the leaders responsible for running them? This question was the focus of a recent study conducted by Gavin Schwarz, a Professor in the School of Management & Governance at UNSW Business School, together with a number of local and international authors including UNSW PhD graduate Bradley Hastings. Their research paper, Distributed leadership in healthcare: leadership dyads and the promise of improved hospital outcomes, was based on a…

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