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leadership, which wolf are you feeding


Feeling stuck? It may help to ask: which wolf are you feeding?

IbyIMD+ Published 9 March 2022 in Leadership • 7 min read

With so many leaders currently operating in the burnout or survival zone, Executive Coach Brenda Steinberg explores how leaders can liberate themselves from negative emotions.

GĂ©rard is a chief operating officer for a mid-sized tech firm. The board considers him a possible successor to the CEO in three to five years. Earlier in his career, GĂ©rard had his sights set on being a wealthy entrepreneur and resigned from a high-profile corporate position to start a company with a friend. While the new company was successful, his friend and partner behaved unethically, and GĂ©rard left the venture. His lingering sense of loss about this makes it hard for him to enjoy his current success. When situations are challenging at home or at work, he is angry that he is in this situation, because if it were not for the unethical partner, he would not be faced with the current challenges. In other words, the raw emotions of anger, resentment, and a sense of injustice, form the lens through which he is perceiving the current context.

Natalie is a recent hire for a consumer goods company. She thought she had been hired to revamp the marketing strategy.  Taken…

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