Case Study

APU Terminals (B): The safety activist

10 pages
June 2014
Reference: IMD-7-1521

After having made two attempts under different leaders to place safety as a key issue in the port operations of APMT, a new and more drastic approach is decided. Rather than looking at safety as a key priority subject to financial results, safety becomes “a license to operate”. The case starts with the appointment of Martin Poulsen, formerly CEO of European port operations, as safety activist responsible for implementing a change of mindset and delivering results in terms of casualty and severe injury reductions. The case illustrates the details of Poulsen’s role which are decided in advance to create a maximum effect, the challenges that he and his team face, the reactions from those in the field, and the ultimate results achieved.

Learning Objective

To understand the challenges of changing cultural inertia. To discuss the requirements for effective leadership during different stages.

Change Management, Safety, Port, Operations, Shipping, Corporate Culture
Europe, Netherlands
APM Terminals, Logistics and Supply Chain, Shipping
Field Research
© 2014
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