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IMD’s Mohan Subramanian and Howard Yu shortlisted for Thinkers50 Strategy Award

Two IMD faculty members have been shortlisted for the 2023 edition of the biennial Thinkers50 Strategy Award: Mohan Subramaniam, Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation, and Howard Yu, LEGO® Professor of Management and Innovation.
September 2023

The prestigious award sets out to highlight the best strategic thinkers in their field by answering the question: “If you were a business leader looking for strategic guidance, who would you turn to for advice?”  

Subramanian is a recognized thought leader in digital strategy, and in 2022 outlined his thinking in his book The Future of Competitive Strategy: Unleashing the Power of Data and Digital Ecosystems, which describes a new paradigm for competitive strategy anchored in data and digital ecosystems and the game-changing role of digital technologies in the modern economy. 

Yu, Director of the IMD Center for Future Readiness, which focuses on firms’ capacity to sustain new growth, was shortlisted specifically for his work on the Future Readiness Indicator, an instrument that measures the world’s top revenue-generating leaders in terms of their capacity to foresee future challenges while minimizing risk exposure. Yu was previously named to the Thinkers50 Radar list in 2018 and shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Innovation Award in 2019. 

The winners of all Thinkers50 Awards categories will be announced at the Thinkers50 Awards Gala 2023 in London on the 5-6 November. 

Every two years, Thinkers50 reveals their shortlists for the Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards. These awards recognize eight outstanding thinkers in each category for their substantial contributions over the preceding two years. 

Last month, IMD Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change Michael Watkins was inducted into the Thinkers50 Management Hall of Fame, which recognizes remarkable contributions to the realm of management concepts and ideas over several decades.