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We hope you are enjoying the IMD global community

We hope you are enjoying the IMD global community

Your Lorange Network membership was automatically switched over to IMD.

We are most pleased to have you with us!

As shared by IMD President Jean-François Manzoni and IMD Honorary President and Lorange Network Founder Peter Lorange, our aim is to continue to preserve both a continuous commitment to top quality executive education as well as to provide you regular access to cutting-edge business content.

You may always request a personalized consultation about IMD’s extensive offerings. These include invitations to virtual and in-person events as well as networking opportunities with business leaders from around the world.

We look forward to seeing you on campus or on screen, and encourage you to dive into all the interesting possibilities available to you.

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Your next steps

The Lorange Network platform transferred entirely to the IMD network on 1 April 2022, so no longer exists in its original form. To transfer your account details to a new IMD account, you will need to create a new account.

To personalize the type of information and invitations you wish to receive, please log into your MyIMD account (https://account.imd.org/signin) and access the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.  If you sign up to the different areas of interest, you will be all set.

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I by IMD offers first-person business intelligence from the brightest thinkers in academia, business and society. Written by experts for experts, I by IMD presents a platform for debate on the latest issues.

An invitation to Lorange Network Contributors

We greatly appreciate your past input at Lorange Network in all its forms. Find out how to continue sharing your experiences and knowledge with us at IMD.

Are you an investor?

Are you an investor, involved in a startup, or want to learn more about IMD’s activities and programs around investments? Get involved and stay informed about investment opportunities, startups, and pitches.

Recent Book Launch
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Learning and Teaching Business by Peter Lorange, published by IMD

The book addresses the challenging issues families confront. How is a family business portfolio developed? What about the complex relationships between the family business unit and various subsidiaries?

An exciting new chapter

Your Lorange Network membership automatically switches over to IMD. Staying with the new “us” means that you will continue to receive business insights from I by IMD, Webinars and Masterclasses, and access to Podcasts. For family business members, the IMD Global Family Business Center has several relevant programs scheduled for 2023. Should you wish to leave us, please follow the link at the end of this email, or send a note to [email protected]. We do hope this is not the case and look forward to staying in touch in this new chapter!

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Dr. Peter Lorange
Honorary President, IMD

In addition to IMD integrating the Lorange Network into its global ecosystem, Peter Lorange, IMD is establishing a Peter Lorange Chair, with the purpose of pursuing IMD’s global legacy in family business. Peter Lorange has also been honored with the title of IMD Honorary President. Congratulations Peter!