Benefit from a special IMD MBA Alumni offer to attend The First 90 Days program

Benefit from a special IMD MBA Alumni offer to attend The First 90 Days program

Leadership transition success – it’s all in your first 90 days

As you transition to your new career, or you are about to soon, give yourself the biggest advantage for future success. IMD MBA Alumni benefit from a special offer, 2,900 CHF instead of 3,900 CHF full price.*

*IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

Match your strategy to your situation, so you can lead the right changes in the right ways. Then align with your new managers and superiors
Identify key stakeholders and build an alliance to support your key initiatives
Assess, reshape, align, and accelerate the team you inherited
Establish direction for yourself and your organization, plus the momentum to secure early wins
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Michael Watkins recommends 5 key orienting questions to ask yourself both before you start a new role and once you have started.

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