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Guiding participants on their Future Leaders learning journey is Program Director Alyson Meister who specializes in leading diversity and change, managing evolving and boundless career trajectories, and supporting organizations to cultivate globally minded, adaptive, and resilient leaders. She leads Future Leaders with executive coaches and world-class faculty, ensuring knowledge can be applied to your organization.

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By Professor Alyson Meister

Setting goals for self-improvement and personal change is important, so that we can leave bad habits behind, continually grow and achieve our true potential. However, a lack of personal willpower is the most commonly cited barrier to change, along with lack of time or money.


By Josefine van Zanten and Professor Alyson Meister

The topic of setting Diversity & Inclusion targets may never have been more timely: emerging data on the workforce impact of the pandemic has indicated that women are more adversely affected than men, impacting talent pools and gender distribution in organizations.

By Josefine van Zanten and Professor Alyson Meister

If the benefits of inclusion are so widely understood, then why are so many teams and organizations still struggling to foster it? Enter the invisible barriers to inclusion.

By Josefine van Zanten and Professor Alyson Meister

Many organizations face a new reality: a changing workforce, intensifying war for talent, and customer expectations are driving them to take a stand, act, and adopt diversity and inclusion as a business and brand imperative.

Contributing Faculty

The Future Leaders program is delivered to you by a world-class faculty of professors, to bring you the richest of real-world application and latest thought leadership.

Mark Greeven

Drawing on a decade of experience in research, teaching and consulting in China, Mark explores how to organize innovation in a turbulent world. He has been collaborating with innovative Chinese companies and entrepreneurial multinationals to explore novel ways of organizing, accelerating corporate innovation, designing business ecosystems to thrive on uncertainty. 

Frederic Dalsace

His research covers two areas. The first part focuses on inter-organizational (B2B) issues such as customer-centricity, buyer-seller relationships and value management. Frédéric also has been doing research on the role of firms in alleviating poverty and developing inclusive business models, both in rich countries and at the BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid).

Niccolò Pisani

One of Niccolò’s key areas of interest is corporate social responsibility – his research in this stream has recently focused on inequality and sustainable cities. His areas of expertise are strategic management and international business, with emphasis on globalization, sustainability and digitization.

Karl Schmedders

Karl's research focuses on quantitative methods in finance. He applies numerical solution techniques to complex economic and financial models shedding light on relevant market issues and industry problems.


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