Case Study

Kerstin Berger (B)

5 pages
November 2007
Reference: IMD-4-0294

Confounding all expectations, Tina Orton returns to L-Bank several months after her breakdown /burnout. Her former colleague Kerstin Berger is now her boss. Berger, Orton and the entire L-Bank IT organization have to learn to deal with the complex and potentially embarrassing situations associated with burnout and re-integration, and more importantly, to try to head off other such situations in the future. By the end of the case, with support from Berger, Orton has become a highly-valued project manager and a mentor to others. She particularly dedicates herself to improving the company’s recruitment and induction processes.

Learning Objective

To see that people in even the most difficult situations can recover and grow; to illustrate that any HR process is only as good as the people that implement it; to test assumptions about what it means to be successful, to burn out, to be resilient, and to learn.

Burnout, Career, Information Technology, Coaching, Stress, Expatriate, Training, Culture
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