Case Study

Implementing value selling at Tetra Pak

17 pages
February 2017
Reference: IMD-7-1775

The case examines the change management challenge of implementing a global business transformation project at Tetra Pak – a leader in packaging and processing solutions. In 2011 Tetra Pak’s senior leadership decided to focus on creating and delivering customer value and launched the Value Selling project. The case follows the five-year journey (2011–2015) of this project and examines the operational and sales and marketing challenges behind its design and execution. The case begins by outlining the evolution of the company and the need to place the emphasis on customer value. It delves into the building blocks of implementing value selling and discusses the hurdles faced by the project team. It concludes by highlighting the fact that value selling had not been fully embedded in the organization. In September 2015 senior management decided to act in order to accelerate execution and follow the project through. It considered three alternatives.

Learning Objective

1) What triggers the need for a company to focus on customer value? 2) What is value selling and what are the main challenges behind its implementation? 3) What are the elements of a successful execution strategy? 4) How do you keep execution on course when a project appears to have stalled?

Value Selling, Customer Values, Business Transformation, Project, Implementation, Strategy Execution, Business to Business
Tetra Pak, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Packaging and Containers
Field Research
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