Damien O'Brien


Member of IMD Foundation Board and Supervisory Board


Damien O'Brien, an Australian, took over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EgonZehnder in June 2008 and was appointed Chairman in June 2010 after 24 years with the Firm. He joined in Sydney in 1988 and since then has also been based in the Firm's London, China and now Paris offices.

Damien's primary practice areas have been consumer products, private equity, Leadership Strategy Services and Board Consulting. Today he spends most of his time visiting his colleagues and clients across the Firm's 64 wholly owned offices in 38 countries. He has held a range of leadership roles prior to his appointment as CEO including leading the establishment of the Firm's China practice, which now comprises offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, oversight for the Firm's global industry and functional practices, and responsibility for global operations and professional development. Prior to joining Egon Zehnder International, Damien worked as an Associate with McKinsey in Australia and before that he held various management positions in a family owned group of companies in Australia.

Damien has a MBA from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales. He also has a Diploma in Theology and Philosophy from Saint Columban's College in Sydney which also entailed two years of study and community work in Mindanao, the Philippines.