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Sustainable business programs

Discover the competitive advantages of becoming a sustainable, purpose-driven business

Sustainable business programs

Discover the competitive advantages of becoming a sustainable, purpose-driven business

How to transform to competitive, sustainable business models

You know that sustainability is an imperative for your business. The real challenge is knowing how to transition from commitment to action, to successfully navigate the complexity of your sustainability transformation.

IMD business sustainability programs support you throughout your organization’s entire sustainability journey, from setting the foundations of change, to building a long-term roadmap that embraces sustainable business models which future-proof your organization and benefit society.

  • Discover opportunities for sustainable business models in a wide range of industry sectors.
  • Learn best practices from top-ranked, global sustainability companies.
  • Harness the latest tools, frameworks and capabilities to embed sustainability at the center of your business.
  • Develop your unique sustainability transformation plan with the support of faculty, coaches and peers.
Build industry connections

IMD’s deep industry connections with sustainability champions, bring you privileged access to business insights and opportunities.

Join a powerful community

Join IMD’s powerful sustainability community, led by IMD’s Lundin Sustainability Chair, Prof Knut Haanaes and other world-class educators in strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Apply latest research

Discover the latest IMD research and business cases on sustainability, responsible leadership and social innovation, and apply directly to your business.

Access exclusive tools

Harness tools like IMD Sustainability Signals, a new resource that helps you identify and navigate global indicators and trends that will impact your business.

“Capitalism must rediscover its purpose.”

Learn more about sustainability at IMD, as Knut Haanaes, Professor of Strategy and Lundin Sustainability Chair, paints a picture of how sustainability can shape the future.

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