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IMD faculty recognized by the Case Centre - The art of the Case

IMD consistently among world’s top-selling case authors
October 2019

Every year IMD is recognized for its high-quality case writing and this year is no exception.

Kamran Kashani, Benoit Leleux, Carlos Cordon, Peter Killing and Dominique Turpin have once again been named among the Case Centre’s top 40 best-selling authors in 2018/2019.

Business education in the 21st century is anything but sitting in a classroom, as IMD proves with its innovation and digital labs, crisis simulation with the Swiss Armed Forces, interactive apps, psychotherapy, and the list goes on.

However, one of the classic staples of business education, the case study, remains relevant today, and IMD continues its rich tradition in the discipline.

The Case Centre, the world’s largest and most diverse collection of management cases, articles, book chapters and teaching materials, has announced its top-40 best-selling case authors in 2019, with IMD featuring prominently in the list. Over 8,000 case writers are registered with The Case Centre, making a top 40 spot a special achievement.

‘Life or death’ business dilemmas

IMD Professor Kamran Kashani is one of the most successful case writers in his field, coming in second in top-selling case writers this year, and features at the top of the list every year.

For Kashani, one of the values of case teaching is that it puts executives in a situation where they must think quickly to solve a high stakes dilemma. “These are what I call ‘life-or-death’ issues that truly matter in the real world and for which there no easy solutions,” said Kashani.

Professor Benoit Leleux is also a case writing heavyweight and was among the top 20 best-sellers this year. Leleux thinks that case writing is more important than ever, as academic research takes years to be published and many of the classic management papers become outdated.

“So how do you figure out today’s and tomorrow’s issues, not yesterday’s? Case research offers that perspective, flushing out issues as they emerge. My primary driver in case research has always been to stay relevant in the classroom and bring ‘issues’ to discuss, not necessarily ‘answers,’ said Leleux.

The IMD faculty members and their bestselling cases are:

Professor Kamran Kashani who is second overall in the list – Best-selling case: Value Selling at SKF Service (A): Tough Buyer Confronts Strategy

Professor Benoit Leleux – Best-selling case: The JMC Soundboard: Crossing the Sound Barrier

Professor Carlos Cordon – Best-selling case: LEGO: Consolidating Distribution

Professor Peter Killing – Best-selling case: Nestlé’s GLOBE Program

Professor Dominique Turpin – Best-selling case: Reinventing Nespresso? The Challenges of a Market Leader Under Attack

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