Best team leadership program to realize your team and personal potential!

Your quest to become a more effective team leader will take you through 9 days of intense experiential learning at IMD, in the Swiss Alps and back on our campus again.

Your learning journey at-a-glance

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Guiding principles

Concise lectures and presentations introduce you to key concepts and frameworks that deepen the central process of learning from experience.

Whether you’re in the classroom with faculty, debriefing with a coach or up in the mountains with peers, you’ll be applying these guiding principles: undergo deep experiential learning, develop self-awareness and practice “change begins with me”.

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Learning in teams

Team dynamics are the core focus of this program and the building blocks of organizations and businesses, so most of your learning happens in small and larger teams.

Integrated approach to coaching

Opening up to coaches, faculty and peers, you’ll experiment with different team leadership situations. You’ll benefit from one-on-one and team coaching. As you progress, you refine your self-awareness, understand others better and grasp what happens below the surface, when teams interact. You develop a clear idea of how you can leverage your personality and experience to become a more authentic and effective leader.

Participants like you explored critical themes, such as

Self-awareness and self-reflection

  • Understand and manage your emotions better to become a more effective leader
  • Improve key interpersonal relationships in your personal and work environment
  • Understand how you can make ineffective relationships work better 
  • Life transitions: What do I really want from my working life?

Improving team dynamics

  • Improve the atmosphere and performance of your team
  • Understand why teams lack commitment and trust
  • Explore the good and bad of conflict and diversity
  • Understand how your leadership impacts the team and vice versa

Empowering your leadership

  • Get better at taking up formal and informal leadership 
  • Build the capability and confidence to lead complex change 

Top management challenges

  • Find the resilience to endure the loneliness that real leadership often demands
  • Explore how your top management team can boost their "teamness"


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