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IMD Circles

The Global Executive Community for Prosperous, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

IMD Circles

The Global Executive Community for Prosperous, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

Our invitation-only IMD Circles provide a rich and insightful opportunity for you to come together with your C-suite peers to challenge what is and inspire what could be. The purpose of the Circles is to provide you with the right degree of provocation and stimulation to return to your organization energized with new ideas and better equipped to tackle today’s most pressing challenges.

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Facilitated by IMD faculty chairs and experts

As a Circle member, you are invited to regular engagements with your C-suite peers to form collective ideas and drive forward an agenda to support the future of your organizations. These engagements are facilitated by IMD faculty and experts who inject their experience and know-how into the discussion, bringing new and interesting perspectives on the issues you face. These engagements are supplemented with business insights to ensure an environment of continuous learning and reflection.

Annual CXO Roundtable

Peer-to-peer exchange

Hosted at IMD in Lausanne

Virtual Dialogues

Peer-to-peer exchange

Virtual Circle discussions on emerging topics, 2-3 times per year

Circle Newsletter


Monthly updates tailored to the respective CXO community

I by IMD Magazine


First-person business intelligence

Thematic Packages


Content package after every virtual dialogue

1. Peer-to-peer exchange

The Circles provide you with regular opportunities to share experiences and gain valuable insights into topics that are top of mind.

CXO roundtable
  • Annual face-to-face gathering at IMD in Lausanne
  • Hosted by IMD faculty chairs and experts, and industry leaders
  • Discussions on universally relevant topics informed by IMD research
  • Unique opportunities for collaboration and innovation
Virtual dialogues
  • Virtual engagements held two-three times per year
  • Facilitated discussions to ensure ongoing collaboration on peer-to-peer support
  • Exchanges on the latest trends
Ongoing interaction
  • Circle communities are encouraged to set up networking groups to facilitate ongoing interaction and support
2. Latest insights on business and society

As a circle member you have access to relevant, curated content and thought leadership material.

Thematic packages
  • After every virtual dialogue and roundtable you will receive a wrap-up containing relevant insights on the topic discussed
Circle newsletter
  • Monthly thought leadership content tailored to each Circle
  • Circles are kept up to date on the most relevant topics with 3-5 concise articles from IMD Faculty
I by IMD
  • All Circle participants get access to IMD’s in-house publication I by IMD, which offers first-person business intelligence from the brightest thinkers in academia, business, and society

The IMD CXO Circles are about creating a space where C-suite executives can have important discussions about the challenges they face in an environment where trust and confidentiality are a given. Such spaces are essential if we want to ensure that today’s leaders are equipped to build competitive organizations and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

 - IMD Business School
Jean-François Manzoni President of IMD, Nestlé Chaired Professor
IMD Circle Nomination Process

To create the optimal environment for impact and exchange among true peers, IMD has an application process and criteria to approve new members into each Circle.

For each Circle, the applicant must:

  • Be part of an organization of CHF1 bn a year annual revenue
  • Be a member of the Group Executive Committee
  • Should there not be a board role in your company for the respective Circle, then we will consider the senior-most executive responsible for and owning the initiative in the organization


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