Commercial prototyping helped GE reach customers in remote areas of Asia and Africa

Case writing


GE Healthcare had sold thousands of its Lullaby Warmer – a baby warmer used to treat hypothermia – saving lives and capturing new customers in the process.


GE Healthcare had difficulty getting its product to smaller cities and rural areas in India. It had to learn to serve low-resource business customers in an efficient and profitable way.

Custom approach

GE Healthcare developed a new product, the Lullaby Warmer Prime, designed from the ground up for people based in low-resource environments in several countries.


GE Healthcare succeeded in reaching customers in tier II and tier III cities in India and several Asian and African countries, where the new product was a big hit.

Chandan Gupta

MIC general manager

We have learned that selling a product like LWP is a completely different ballgame. We had to experiment a lot and deviate from GE’s established commercial practices. I believe that commercial prototyping is the correct approach to get our go-to-market model right, not only for LWP, but also for all future innovations destined for low-resource settings. The journey has only just started.