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By Dominique Turpin - 7/24/2014
Product innovation is just one note in a whole piano of possible innovations. If your company is serious about differentiating itself from the competition, then it must innovate on all dimensions all the time.
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann - 7/15/2014
Can India re-find its past glory and draw on its formidable brain power - including that big chunk which constitutes its incomparable "diaspora"?
By Karsten Jonsen - 7/15/2014
The game's over but were all the matches really fair? IMD explores why FIFA refuses to incorporate better technology for making calls in the World Cup.
By Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez,Anne-Catrin Glemser - 7/11/2014
Family businesses must build and train a critical mass of potential successors. But what questions should next-generation members ask themselves before joining the family firm? We would suggest four.
By Bill Fischer - 7/9/2014
Disruption should not mean a wholesale rejection of the traditional five-forces approach to strategy, but rather a more balanced approach that incorporates dynamic change-centered thinking.
By Carlos A. Primo Braga - 7/3/2014
Unless the next administration can foster a private sector-led investment recovery, Brazil will continue to underperform. To break the vicious cycle of below-potential growth rates feeding into negative expectations and vice versa, a competition "shock" is required.
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann,Salim Ismail,Fabrice Lehmann - 7/3/2014
The transformations occurring in the world economy contain challenges with which Madagascar is presently ill-equipped to contend. But these transformations also provide the opportunity for it to build on existing assets.
By Howard Yu,Xue Feng,Hunter Shen - 6/26/2014
All over China, a growing number of small and medium enterprises are determined to blend the latest thinking with traditional Chinese values to not only catch up with, but race ahead of western multinationals.
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann - 6/26/2014
To avert disaster, capitalists need to be shaken out of their lethargic geopolitical complacency and too visceral indulgence in wishful thinking.
By Karsten Jonsen - 6/18/2014
How to understand and remain alert to the signs of conflict contagion at the team level.
By Winter Nie - 6/18/2014
Will it be one of the largest IPOs in history? As the markets await Alibaba's day on Wall Street, IMD Professor Winter Nie explores the story behind the internet giant.
By Francisco Szekely,Victoria Kemanian - 6/12/2014
Through their systemic and transformational approach to sustainability, emerging-market companies show a strong focus and determination to act as catalysts for change in their societies
By Ralf W. Seifert,Florian Lücker - 6/12/2014
Do companies have the capabilities to address supply chain resilience and where do they need to improve to prepare for the next disaster?
By Aileen Ionescu-Somers,Francisco Szekely - 6/5/2014
No one group working alone can solve the complex, serious challenges posed by climate change. Businesses must make sure that they play their part in finding solutions.
By Francisco Szekely,Victoria Kemanian - 6/5/2014
Emerging-market firms' fresh approach to sustainability focuses on relevance and thus reflects their unique local contexts and a different attitude toward innovation
By Francisco Szekely,Victoria Kemanian - 5/28/2014
Emerging-market firms are adopting innovative and transformational approaches to corporate sustainability and reshaping the views of businesses worldwide.
By Anand Narasimhan,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 5/28/2014
The litmus test of a successful transformation effort is whether the organization achieves broad-based behavior change, not just improved results.
By Maury Peiperl,Suzanne de Janasz - 5/22/2014
Could crowdsourcing help your organization navigate current challenges or set a course in a previously unknown but profitable direction?
By Joachim Schwass,Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez,Anne-Catrin Glemser - 5/22/2014
The Stern family has made its mark on Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe in three distinctive ways that contain useful lessons for other family businesses.
By Stewart Black - 5/15/2014
Moving into the executive suite is a major change. Executives who recognize the risks of stress and isolation, and take concrete steps to address these, can greatly increase their chances of further success.
By Dominique Turpin - 5/15/2014
In these turbulent times, many marketers are tempted to look for easy solutions and quick wins. But these temptations can seriously damage your brand!
By Arturo Bris - 5/8/2014
The impact of free trade on national competitiveness depends very much on a country's stage of development. In poorer countries, foreign trade often brings virtually no benefit to the local population.
By Winter Nie - 5/8/2014
Learn how WeChat's virtual HongBao envelopes created a frenzy that had millions of players engaged in an exciting online activity
By Martha Maznevski - 5/1/2014
Why do Americans disagree with their bosses? Are Germans more impressed by hierarchies or titles? And why do budgets play a different role in Italy than in Brazil?
By Salvatore Cantale,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 5/1/2014
Value creation lies at the very heart of the purpose of the corporation. But there is much confusion about what it signifies and how to pursue it.
By Winter Nie - 4/24/2014
Chatting their way to the bank. Learn how China's Tencent Holdings aims to take WeChat from social networking to payment portal and more.
By Michael Wade - 4/24/2014
Sustained leadership involves balancing mental, emotional, and physical health. Hopefully this recognition marks the first step toward developing a new generation of complete executives.
By Ralf W. Seifert,Polina Bochukova - 4/17/2014
Three questions to help guide decisions in supply chain resilience. How to alleviate risk and make for a more secure and profitable future!
By Arturo Bris - 4/10/2014
Making countries more competitive is a booming business these days. So it's time to correct five of the most common misunderstandings about what makes a nation competitive
By Bettina Buechel,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 4/10/2014
At the moment in lieu of a global order, we have a global disorder. The articulation of India's global role and vision must be a priority for India, for Asia and for the world.
By Dominique Turpin - 4/10/2014
Although it might be tough to create a Silicon Valley in Europe, that's no reason to give up. Could we create a little bit of California right here in Switzerland?
By Thomas Malnight - 4/3/2014
How a CEO and leadership team addressed both immediate short-term pressures and the need to reshape a company fundamentally to be successful in the future.
By Dominique Turpin - 4/3/2014
Business schools' customers face tough competition and disruption every day. Why should schools themselves be any different?
By Wolfgang Ulaga,Stefan Michel - 3/31/2014
Our research with many world-leading B2B companies suggests that offering a better customer experience than the competition is an extremely effective differentiator, yet is largely overlooked.
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann,Agung Wicaksono - 3/31/2014
Upcoming elections in Indonesia have so far attracted little attention in the West, underlining the fact that this is without doubt the world's biggest country about which the littlest is known.
By Howard Yu,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 3/20/2014
Pursuing a strategy of co-innovation is harder than it sounds. Companies must find the sweet spot between reticence and recklessness.
By Bettina Buechel,P C Abraham - 3/20/2014
Learn how a Singapore-based luxury watch retailer is looking to grow ahead
By Thomas Malnight,Tracey Keys - 3/13/2014
The real question business leaders should be asking themselves is not simply "Where are the future growth markets?" but "What will I have to do to win them?"
By Seán Meehan,David Gray - 3/13/2014
When faced with constrained, low-growth prospects in traditional businesses, leaders have more options than they might think. Here's the story of AT Cross, the 165-year-old US maker of fine writing instruments.
By Michael Wade - 3/6/2014
GOOG, FB, TWTR, AMZ, LNKD - Could the internet giants of today easily become the minnows of tomorrow? IMD Professor Mike Wade grades each company, looking 5 years ahead.
By Dominique Turpin - 3/6/2014
Far too many marketers assume that strong brand equity and a "good idea" are enough for a successful brand extension. So what's the No. 1 reason why some brand extensions fail?
By Howard Yu,Jakub Jancovic - 2/27/2014
Emerging markets no longer merely represent additional market opportunities for traditional multinational companies. They are now home to a new breed of competitor.
By Bettina Buechel - 2/27/2014
The tension between strategy and agility has long been recognized as a major paradox at the heart of multinational corporations. Is there a middle ground between the two?
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 2/20/2014
Many sustainable organizations find it hard to convey their performance to stakeholders, while less sustainable rivals benefit by "greenwashing." How can sustainability be measured and recognized more accurately?
By Carlos A. Primo Braga - 2/20/2014
The debate on the future of labor in the information age is now in vogue again. For HR managers, doing nothing is not an option.
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 2/13/2014
Learn how firms can become more proactive in their attempts to positively contribute to society as opposed to be on the defensive end.
By Dominique Turpin - 2/12/2014
Family businesses may be a distinct species, but leaders of public companies can still learn from them, says IMD President Dominique Turpin
By Ralf W. Seifert,Philipp Moser - 2/6/2014
By matching the supply chain strategy to industry characteristics, process industries will be better positioned to obtain a real competitive edge from their supply chain.
By Thomas Malnight - 2/6/2014
Top executives and business schools must leave old answers behind in preparing to transform organizations for the future, says IMD Professor Tom Malnight
By Stéphane Garelli - 1/30/2014
The global economy is looking better as we start 2014, but is it good enough? And what factors might delay or derail the recovery story?