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By Shlomo Ben-Hur,Joseph Press,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 2/2/2016
Three things leaders can learn from designers
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann - 2/2/2016
While growth may be required, the obsession political leaders and policymakers have had with gross domestic product (GDP) has been harmful
By Howard Yu - 1/28/2016
Lessons from a military-led amphibious tank project
By Howard Yu - 1/28/2016
The story of Orchestrating Winning Performance guest speaker Alexander Osterwalder
By Nuno Fernandes - 1/28/2016
Winter is coming for overvalued tech companies
By Cyril Bouquet - 1/21/2016
Guy Wollaert, former chief technical and innovation officer at Coca Cola, reveals some secrets of his trade
By Dominique Turpin - 1/21/2016
How to leverage feedback to improve
By Nuno Fernandes - 1/21/2016
China's markets are tumbling; the country faces some tough choices ahead
By Ralf W. Seifert,Philipp U. Moser - 1/14/2016
Micro marketing, social media and big data are powerful marketing tools. Their full potential, however, can only be tapped if they are used to cater to new consumer segments AND gain insights to pilot the supply chains.
By Amit S. Mukherjee - 1/14/2016
Is 2016 a year to rethink business? For those operating under the principles of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) goals, Professor Amit Mukherjee says it's time to refresh.
By Nuno Fernandes - 1/7/2016
What trends will dominate 2016?
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 12/15/2015
How Tesla is creating a sustainable future
By Michael Wade - 12/15/2015
In a constantly changing world, a long-term strategy can easily become an anchor that locks a company onto a path that is no longer relevant
By Carlos A. Primo Braga,Sanja Fabrio - 12/10/2015
Complex regulations will remain a fact of life for most industries. How to cope?
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 12/8/2015
Firms need to know who their stakeholders are and take their needs into account.
By Michael Wade - 12/1/2015
The number of unicorns has exploded but it will soon come to an end
By Ginka Toegel - 11/24/2015
In this day and age of hyper connectivity and changing values, it's a wonder that many of us still work in an office during a fixed window of hours.
By Arturo Bris,José Caballero - 11/19/2015
The 2015 IMD World Talent Report shows the multifaceted nature of talent for developed and developing countries alike
By Carlos A. Primo Braga,Nick Ashton-Hart - 11/12/2015
Businesses beware. Network Neutrality is one of the most important regulatory debates being settled right now.
By Ralf Boscheck - 11/12/2015
Laws and regulations around intellectual property are in profound need of an overhaul.
By William A. Fischer - 11/3/2015
What if what you know didn't matter anymore? What if knowledge became a commodity? What if everyone could be an expert?
By Cyril Bouquet - 11/3/2015
Can your organization innovate like Solar Impulse?
By James Henderson - 10/27/2015
It's time for companies to rethink the way they identify and develop their best and brightest.
By Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez - 10/27/2015
What's unique about the work environment of a family company?
By Carlos Cordon,Pablo Caballero,Teresa Ferreiro - 10/20/2015
How big data is changing business models at GE, Lego and others
By Benoit Leleux,Anne-Catrin Glemser - 10/20/2015
How the Bavaria beer company took on the world's beer giants and won the 2015 Family Business Award.
By Michael D. Watkins - 10/15/2015
Change is speeding up. Here is what top execs think will happen in the coming years.
By Dominique Turpin - 10/13/2015
How is your company preparing for the megatrends of the future?
By Carlos Cordon,Pablo Caballero,Teresa Ferreiro - 10/6/2015
The shipping industry is undergoing rapid change
By Benoit Leleux,Anne-Catrin Glemser - 10/6/2015
Lessons from J.M. Huber Corporation, an award winning case study
By Amit S. Mukherjee - 9/29/2015
The EU is facing seemingly unending crises. Pundits often draw parallels to the United States but they should be looking to India instead.
By Ralf Boscheck - 9/29/2015
The case for strong patent protection and the counterargument. Where do you stand in the evergreening debate?
By Albrecht Enders,Andreas König - 9/23/2015
While strategy of critical importance, making or implementing strategic decisions often leads to failure.
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 9/23/2015
How Toyota learned to live up to its mission the hard way.
By Michael D. Watkins - 9/17/2015
Most often because leaders didn't give sufficient attention to the implementation phase of the organizational change process. Here is what they need to consider.
By Carlos Cordon,Pau Garcia-Milà,Teresa Ferreiro - 9/17/2015
The big data revolution is sure to transform the workplace of the future, but how?
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 9/9/2015
How Tylenol stuck to its mission to weather a potentially devastating crisis.
By Cyril Bouquet - 9/9/2015
Google has been very adept at reinventing itself, but can it last for ever?
By Didier Cossin,Boon Hwee Ong - 9/2/2015
Expectations that businesses should contribute to the well-being of society have never been higher. Stewardship can help companies meet the challenge.
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann - 9/2/2015
While previously growth has been spectacular in many Asian economies, the failure to reform has meant that it has become less sustainable
By Donald Marchand,Peppard Joe - 8/27/2015
Many organizations' IT structure emerges and continues to evolve without any blueprint or architectural integrity. But one overlooked discipline can help solve this.
By Cyril Bouquet - 8/27/2015
Talking about creative thinking is a lot easier than doing it but here are three ways to get started.
By Michael Wade - 8/19/2015
Uber has bruised but not beaten taxi companies. Here's how cab companies should fight back.
By Bettina Buechel - 8/19/2015
Companies could benefit from more women on their boards but old habits die hard. How can board ready women get ahead?
By Carlos A. Primo Braga - 8/12/2015
Is there still an appetite to continue to promote international integration via the expansion of trade in the context of preferential or multilateral trade agreements?
By Winter Nie - 8/12/2015
IMD Professor Winter Nie explores how understanding the background of how certain gaps formed in China is crucial to planning for HR success.
By Benoit Leleux - 8/5/2015
When it comes to personal relationships and family businesses it is not about mathematical optimization, but about finding ways to balance the antagonistic forces of family and business
By Dominique Turpin - 7/29/2015
Business education is rapidly changing. What characteristics do today's professors need to thrive?
By William A. Fischer,Umberto Lago,Fang Liu - 7/22/2015
How Haier stays dedicated to solving problems for consumers while continually reinventing itself
By Stefan Michel - 7/15/2015
How can companies align priorities to capture more value?