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By Ralf Seifert,Polina Bochukova - 4/17/2014
Three questions to help guide decisions in supply chain resilience. How to alleviate risk and make for a more secure and profitable future!
By Arturo Bris - 4/10/2014
Making countries more competitive is a booming business these days. So it's time to correct five of the most common misunderstandings about what makes a nation competitive
By Bettina Buechel,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 4/10/2014
At the moment in lieu of a global order, we have a global disorder. The articulation of India's global role and vision must be a priority for India, for Asia and for the world.
By Dominique Turpin - 4/10/2014
Although it might be tough to create a Silicon Valley in Europe, that's no reason to give up. Could we create a little bit of California right here in Switzerland?
By Thomas Malnight - 4/3/2014
How a CEO and leadership team addressed both immediate short-term pressures and the need to reshape a company fundamentally to be successful in the future.
By Dominique Turpin - 4/3/2014
Business schools' customers face tough competition and disruption every day. Why should schools themselves be any different?
By Wolfgang Ulaga,Stefan Michel - 3/31/2014
Our research with many world-leading B2B companies suggests that offering a better customer experience than the competition is an extremely effective differentiator, yet is largely overlooked.
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann,Agung Wicaksono - 3/31/2014
Upcoming elections in Indonesia have so far attracted little attention in the West, underlining the fact that this is without doubt the world's biggest country about which the littlest is known.
By Howard Yu,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 3/20/2014
Pursuing a strategy of co-innovation is harder than it sounds. Companies must find the sweet spot between reticence and recklessness.
By Bettina Buechel,P C Abraham - 3/20/2014
Learn how a Singapore-based luxury watch retailer is looking to grow ahead
By Thomas Malnight,Tracey Keys - 3/13/2014
The real question business leaders should be asking themselves is not simply "Where are the future growth markets?" but "What will I have to do to win them?"
By Seán Meehan,David Gray - 3/13/2014
When faced with constrained, low-growth prospects in traditional businesses, leaders have more options than they might think. Here's the story of AT Cross, the 165-year-old US maker of fine writing instruments.
By Michael Wade - 3/6/2014
GOOG, FB, TWTR, AMZ, LNKD - Could the internet giants of today easily become the minnows of tomorrow? IMD Professor Mike Wade grades each company, looking 5 years ahead.
By Dominique Turpin - 3/6/2014
Far too many marketers assume that strong brand equity and a "good idea" are enough for a successful brand extension. So what's the No. 1 reason why some brand extensions fail?
By Howard Yu,Jakub Jancovic - 2/27/2014
Emerging markets no longer merely represent additional market opportunities for traditional multinational companies. They are now home to a new breed of competitor.
By Bettina Buechel - 2/27/2014
The tension between strategy and agility has long been recognized as a major paradox at the heart of multinational corporations. Is there a middle ground between the two?
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 2/20/2014
Many sustainable organizations find it hard to convey their performance to stakeholders, while less sustainable rivals benefit by "greenwashing." How can sustainability be measured and recognized more accurately?
By Carlos A. Primo Braga - 2/20/2014
The debate on the future of labor in the information age is now in vogue again. For HR managers, doing nothing is not an option.
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 2/13/2014
Learn how firms can become more proactive in their attempts to positively contribute to society as opposed to be on the defensive end.
By Dominique Turpin - 2/12/2014
Family businesses may be a distinct species, but leaders of public companies can still learn from them, says IMD President Dominique Turpin
By Ralf W. Seifert,Philipp Moser - 2/6/2014
By matching the supply chain strategy to industry characteristics, process industries will be better positioned to obtain a real competitive edge from their supply chain.
By Thomas Malnight - 2/6/2014
Top executives and business schools must leave old answers behind in preparing to transform organizations for the future, says IMD Professor Tom Malnight
By Stéphane Garelli - 1/30/2014
The global economy is looking better as we start 2014, but is it good enough? And what factors might delay or derail the recovery story?
By Shlomo Ben-Hur,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 1/30/2014
While there is no guaranteed recipe for successful leadership development, experience shows that certain approaches often fail to deliver the expected results. Three in particular stand out.
By Michael Wade,Donald Marchand - 1/23/2014
Get ready. Digital transformation is moving steadily through the economy. Eventually, all sectors of the economy will be transformed and digital will just become the 'new normal.'
By Aileen Ionescu-Somers,Albrecht Enders - 1/23/2014
A sustainability risk is potentially big when the whole world can find out about it overnight. Here's how Nestlé reacted to a social media attack against its Kit Kat brand.
By Dominique Turpin - 1/16/2014
Step away from the daily rush and think about your customers' headaches. Solve them in 2014, and you'll increase your chances of having a fantastic year.
By Howard Yu - 1/16/2014
In the race to build e-technology, China is running ahead and Silicon Valley is falling behind. What's the secret of Chinese success?
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann,Deepali Fernandes - 1/14/2014
Attention on the global trade front is focused on two ambitious "mega-regional" deals, both of which exclude India. What risks do these deals pose to India, and what should the country do about it?
By Howard Yu,Troels Beltoft - 1/10/2014
Nokia may not be the first company people think of when they look for business lessons. Yet, Nokia's approach to conquering the Chinese market was nothing short of remarkable.
By Thomas W. Malnight,Tracey S. Keys - 1/9/2014
In a world of accelerating change, the biggest risk for business leaders is not being wrong about the future, but beginning to take action too late. Here are 10 trends to watch in 2014.
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 12/19/2013
Corporate sustainability should be seen as a whole rather than a combination of subparts. It's time to abandon the Triple Bottom Line approach and measure sustainability in a more holistic way.
By Wolfgang Ulaga,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 12/19/2013
Companies trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors are urged to become "solution providers," not just sellers of products and services. But selling solutions is no easy answer.
By James Henderson - 12/19/2013
Business schools must decide whether or not to unbundle the real value they provide to business leaders - and they should decide sooner rather than later.
By Francisco Szekely,Zahir Dossa - 12/12/2013
The word "sustainable" has come to mean "profitable" in the vernacular of many corporations. How can companies shift their profit-first mentality to one of society-first thinking?
By Carlos A. Primo Braga - 12/12/2013
IMD Professor Carlos Braga analyses the outcomes of the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali.
By Cyril Bouquet,Jean-Louis Barsoux - 12/6/2013
Many companies are described as global. Some even claim to be "born global". But few are truly global.
By Donald A. Marchand,Joe Peppard - 11/29/2013
Corporate IT organizations have traditionally run long-term projects, but they increasingly need to roll out programs at high speed. How can they balance these demands?
By Suzanne Rosselet,Arturo Bris - 11/21/2013
Swiss companies are in an uproar about the "1:12 Initiative," to be voted on November 24. Would Switzerland's competitiveness be compromised by such legislation?
By Howard Yu - 11/21/2013
Xiaomi, a three-year-old Chinese mobile phone company, is now valued at $10 billion. Its latest product launch in Beijing was almost a rock concert. So what makes this company different?
By Jean-Louis Barsoux,Anand Narasimhan - 11/14/2013
A company can have global reach, but it is the corporate mindset that matters. Here's how one Japanese firm built a culturally diverse and internationally experienced top management team.
By Phil Rosenzweig - 11/14/2013
Decisions vary along two dimensions: control and performance. Control considers how much we can influence the terms and outcome. Performance addresses how we measure success. Combining them creates four categories of decisions.
By Jean-Pierre Lehmann - 11/6/2013
At the moment in lieu of a global order, we have a global disorder. The articulation of India's global role and vision must be a priority for India, for Asia and for the world.
By Michael Wade - 11/6/2013
Complexity is a chronic and endemic problem in today's organizations. Like high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, it may be hidden from view, but still dangerous.
By Donald A. Marchand,Joe Peppard - 10/31/2013
It's crucial to understand how people create and use information. This means that I.T. project teams need members well versed in the cognitive and behavioral sciences.
By Dominique Turpin - 10/31/2013
You never stop learning in business and in life. IMD President Dominique Turpin will never forget one meeting in Japan over 30 years ago.
By Stewart Black - 10/24/2013
With two airlines controlling most domestic air travel in Brazil in 2008, David Neeleman was picking a potentially lopsided fight by launching an airline in the country. So how did he succeed?
By Stefan Michel - 10/24/2013
Empowerment should enable employees to supervise the successful conclusion of the customer experience. At least that's the promise. But how can managers apply the empowerment formula in practice?
By Ralf W. Seifert,Olov H. D. Isaksson - 10/17/2013
Do you collaborate with and learn from your suppliers, or are you serving them the knowledge to compete with you head-on on a silver platter?
By Carlos A. Primo Braga,Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz - 10/17/2013
The current role of innovation was not in the minds of governments when they established the WTO in 1994. Addressing it could trigger new responses that could help revitalize the multilateral trading system.