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IMD hosts Indo-Swiss Investment and Innovation Forum


IMD recently hosted the Indo-Swiss Investment and Innovation Forum which brought together over 130 business leaders, government officials, entrepreneurs, and investors from Switzerland, Europe, and ...

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IMD alumnus leads in digital


The introduction of an innovative digital marketing culture at OneLife, a Luxembourg-based wealth management specialist, has earned Christophe Regnault the first ever Luxemburg “Digital Personality of ...

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Information Technology

IMD Startup News: OneVisage Secures Seed Funding


OneVisage was a winner in the IMD Startup Competition, and collaborated closely with a team of the school’s 2016 fulltime MBAs , and CEO Christophe Remillet continues to be connected to the school. ...

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Operations, Innovation

IMD Startup News: Kizy continues to scale its business


Kizy Tracking, the fast growing low-cost, low-power tracking solution for global supply chains, announced today a Series A funding led by Jari Ovaskainen, one of Europe’s leading business angels, with ...

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Hostage scenario at IMD


photo credit: Hayley Hay photography What a can a life and death session teach you about leading under pressure? 300 executives and IMD alumni gathered at the Swiss business school to experience an ...

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When the purest form of business is doing something on your own


Oliver Freiland always remembers a pivotal moment in his career when, dissatisfied with his consultancy work, he sat down and had a discussion with himself. "I decided there and then to start my own ...

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IMD at the Africa CEO Forum


CEOs of the largest African and international companies, political decision makers from more than 40 African countries, and the most active bankers and investors on the continent come together in Gene ...

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Human Resources, Interpersonal Leadership

Challenges for women leaders in 2017


IMD interviewed Professors Bettina Buechel and Ginka Toegel to discuss to challenges facing women leaders in 2017 on the occasion of 8 March, International Women’s Day. The theme this year is “Be Bold ...

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Human Resources, Ethics

International Women’s Day 2017


8 March is International Women’s day and this year’s theme is “Be Bold for Change”. IMD caught up with Jennifer Jordan a social psychologist and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at ...

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IMD Thought Leadership

Innovation, Information Technology

How disruption is redefining leadership

By Michael R. Wade - 23/03/2017

Imagine that you are an executive overseeing retail banking at a large financial services company. In addition to the normal challenges you face as one of the company’s leaders, you are confronted wit ...

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Jeff Jones at Uber: What's the real story?

By Michael D. Watkins - 21/03/2017

When the going gets tough, do the not-so-tough get going? Such may be the case with Jeff Jones who, after just 6 months as President, has departed Uber . The reason, according to sources cited by Reco ...

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Governance, Economics

You can’t pay bills with likes on Facebook

By Stéphane Garelli - 17/03/2017

If the post-truth era triumphs, if alternative facts supersede evidence, if polls are so wrong, it is perhaps because the relationship people have with the real world has changed. Throughout time, ...

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The cancer of corporate cheating will kill capitalism

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann - 16/03/2017

And now, it’s Renault! The French anti-fraud agency (DGCCRF) has accused the carmaker of having cheated on its emissions test data for the last twenty-five years. This brings Renault in line with ...

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Political Economy

Tawfik Jelassi on scandals, Le Pen, Frexit and the upcoming French election

By Tawfik Jelassi - 14/03/2017

Tawfik Jelassi, IMD Professor and Strategy and Technology Management, recent Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Information & Communication Technologies in Tunisia, and French and ...

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Political Economy, Economics

The falling star called democracy

By Arturo Bris - 13/03/2017

Today, only 4.5% of the world’s population lives in a fully democratic country, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index. About 45% live in flawed democracies, while 33% are ...

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Organizational Design, Economics

Tough love – Why Indian execs mustn’t undersell, but must democratize, their companies

By Amit Shankar Mukherjee - 10/03/2017

America has an anti-free-trade populist in the White House. Without rethinking how its companies face the world, India will find it extraordinarily difficult to argue that it creates value, that it is ...

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Governance, Economics

Are people really a company’s most important resource?

By Stéphane Garelli - 10/03/2017

It happens regularly all over the world and in every company. The CEO addresses his collaborators: “You are the most important resource at this company”. He believes it, and he is right. His ...

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Putting gender diversity on the board agenda

By Bettina Büchel - 08/03/2017

Today, there are still fewer women than men on company boards, even though in many countries that belong to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), women have obtained highe ...

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