Encourage positive team dynamics in your boardroom and boost company performance

Are you encouraging a culture of high performance in your boardroom? Are you finding it hard?

Boards are social groups. How the board as a group behaves has enormous consequence on how the company is governed and performs.

With this understanding, corporate governance codes around the world are increasingly imposing behavioural requirements for board members.

Team Dynamics for Boards empowers you to drive positive dynamics in your board through a deeper awareness of what happens below the surface when groups interact.

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Item 1

Understand the formal behavior dictated to board members by governance frameworks compared to the informal dynamics of a team

Item 2

Explore unconscious assumptions and hidden motivations that can derail board work 

Item 3

Find the right balance for your board between supporting and challenging the CEO and top team

program benefit

Gain insights into your board's team dynamics and the behaviors required to improve team effectiveness

Together, we explore how you can influence team dynamics in your boardroom. You will leave with practical frameworks on how to orchestrate productive dynamics in the boardroom.

Anand Narasimhan

Your program director

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Program length: 2 days


CHF 6,600

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