Strategy Execution - your learning journey

Throughout this 8-week online course, you will learn to drive strategic change in your organization, developing new knowledge and skills. You will then translate these directly into your own working context with a project.


Over the 8 weeks of courses, here's what you will learn:

Week 1: Formulate

Formulate learning objectives and record an individual introduction for fellow participants. Discover the seven insights of smarter execution of strategic initiatives and complete a brief diagnostic to gain greater insight into any specific execution challenges you are facing.

Week 2: Analyze

Analyze the Kone case study to determine the factors that contribute to success or failure of strategic initiatives. Consider the fundamental purpose behind your strategic initiative. What is your focus? Is it fully aligned with your organization’s overall strategy?

Week 3: Study

Study the Nestlé Globe Initiative, which involved overcoming internal resistance to drive a substantial degree of change. Examine how the initiative’s leader built his team and engaged other stakeholders, and consider how these insights can be applied to your own team selection.

Week 4: Learn

Learn how a powerful vision helped a Best Buy VP to lead a strategic initiative that built the business. Think about how to increase the sense of urgency in your organization about your initiative. Record an “elevator pitch” and develop a vision – a shared ambition for your organization.

Week 5: Develop

Develop an execution plan for your initiative and assess its impact on the organization, based on interviews with selected stakeholders. Think about and plan a pilot before moving to the roll out phase.

Week 6: Discover

Discover how to engage different groups of stakeholders, how to communicate with influence and how to overcome resistance. Conduct a stakeholder assessment, reflect on how to communicate your initiative to different audiences and design a highimpact event.

Week 7: Reflect

Reflect on your personal leadership and how you are leading your team. Test what you have learnt from the program and participate in an interactive simulation about implementing a strategic initiative that involves managing a team and a group of stakeholders.

Week 8: Debrief

In the final week we will debrief the simulation, summarize the lessons learned and look at how you can monitor the progress of your strategic initiative moving forward.