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Harnessing the power of transformation

Global technology leader and champion of inclusion and diversity, Guillermo Diaz Jr, on how to harness the power of transformation
June 2019
 - IMD Business School

With 95% of businesses failing at their digital transformation, it’s crucial to zero in on the importance of why they need transformation?

Guillermo Diaz Jr., SVP Customer Transformation at Cisco, was a Keynote speaker at OWP Lausanne 2019.

His focus has been driving the business acceleration critical to the agile, digital transformation of Cisco, its customers and partners.

Now in the new role as head of Customer Transformation, he and his team will leverage Cisco’s own digital journey and thought leadership to partner with customers on their own transformation programs.

He draws from his experience in Cisco’s journey of 30 years of a traditional hardware business to transforming into new model and change in composition as an IT company into a software mindset. How did Cisco succeed in disrupting instead of being disrupted?

Joined by IMD Professor Michael Wade, Director of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco Initiative, Guillermo Diaz focused on these issues and more at Orchestrating Winning Performance.

Watch the full event.