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IMD launches Luxury 2050 Forum to shape the future of all luxury sectors

The platform aims to connect IMD alumni working across luxury brands and allow them to exchange expertise on the challenges and opportunities facing luxury industries.
November 2022

With the launch of the Luxury 2050 Forum, IMD has created a platform for alumni working in the sector to help shape the future of more innovative, relevant, and environmentally and socially responsible luxury industries.

Luxury actors are facing multiple headwinds, from shifting consumer buying habits to supply chain disruptions and growing pressure to transform towards a more sustainable and inclusive business model. At the same time, the need to extend products and experiences into the digital world will cause seismic shifts that will redefine luxury for years to come.

“Forming this new community for our luxury alumni is a completely new milestone in the history of IMD and its members,” said Stéphane JG Girod, Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation. “I am really honored and excited to be involved in this exciting chapter ahead of us.”

The Forum is part of the IMD Luxury 2050 initiative which aims to help brands navigate the heightened uncertainty and seismic shifts they will be facing with agility. The ambition of the forum is to build a supportive community of professionals working across luxury sectors and creating an opportunity for them to interact in an informal environment.

Philippe Blondiaux, Global CFO of CHANEL, is the first honorary Parrain of the IMD Luxury 2050 Forum. He said, “I am very excited to accept the proposal to become the ‘Parrain’ of the IMD Luxury 2050 Forum and bring my modest contribution to this exciting think-tank and community. CFOs have the unique chance to be at the crossroads of companies’ decision-making processes and strategic reflections. They need to use this chance and opportunity to do the right things: shape the long-term future of their companies, functions, and shape the role their companies should play in society at large.”

The forum platform for passionate luxury professionals is open to alumni from IMD graduate degrees (MBA, EMBA) and open and custom executive programs. Members will gain access to exclusive content, thought leadership, and events as well as opportunities for mentoring.

Behind the scenes of the Forum is an engine of dedicated alumni who act as the Executive Board and Advisory Committee, bringing their passion and vast multidisciplinary sector experiences in design, strategy, supply chain, marketing, consumer behavior, and technology.

The members of the Executive Board – Renaud Falgas (EMBA 2019), Rui Meng (MBA 2020), Vanessa Signorini (IMD Executive Program Marketing Management II 2016), and Jana Valkovicova (MBA 2017) – said they were excited to welcome the new members of the Forum to create synergies together in a bonding environment.

“As alumni, we look forward to fostering exchange and collaboration, and empowering the next generation to build resilient societies,”

The forum’s advisory committee includes luxury real estate specialist David Branch (MBA 1991), Chief Customer Officer at Commerce Layer Barbara Rybka (MBA 1991), WiRed magazine co-founder Ian Stewart (MBA 1988), and former CEO of Richemont Middle East, India and Africa Christoph Thomet (High Performance Leadership 2007 and the Richemont Digital Leadership Program 2017.)