Startup projects

Help an early-stage, high-tech venture develop its business plan or move to its next stage. Projects cover diverse sectors and issues, such as developing the market entry strategy for a biomedical product; fine-tuning the value system for a SAP service company; or identifying the channels to market a new loudspeaker technology.

In the most recent Swiss Top 100 report, IMD-supported startups captured 31 of the top 100 places, 5 of the startups are in the top 10, and 11 in the top 25.

A good learning opportunity for our participants

Many of us may never choose entrepreneurship as a career, but I am convinced that regardless of the path we choose, the skills and mindset built in the startup projects will serve us well in dealing with complex business challenges.

Kunal Chandra

MBA 2016, Indian
Siemens CEO Program Associate

Company engagement projects

Identify an individual/company engagement project of up to five weeks during the summer. Collaborating companies host you or a small team of up to three participants to work on a short-term project of importance. You will provide novel perspectives, fresh ideas, and diversified strengths and skill sets while also offering potential employers the opportunity to identify and "test-drive" your fit with their needs.

ยป Watch the video of a 2015 group project in Kenya

Participant experience

The company engagement project helped me move from Marketing & Sales in the Oil & Gas industry to Brand Management in Consumer Goods. The successful completion of my project at Philip Morris Global Headquarters gave me exposure to the industry's business systems and best practices, helped me gauge the fit with my skills and passion, and resulted in a job offer.

Fatima Hasan

MBA 2015, Pakistani
Brand Manager, Philip Morris International, Pakistan

International consulting projects (ICP)

Complete a substantial strategy assessment and implementation recommendations for corporate clients and NGOs. Since IMD started the MBA ICPs in 1980, we have completed over 600 projects for 350+ companies across 5 continents. Teams are supported by an IMD faculty member and work with senior management and a company-appointed project leader.

Develop strategy and implementation recommendations

Our project for SEWA India made a real and lasting contribution to the lives of women in the Delhi slums - it also changed ours.

Stephanie Holmes Weg

MBA 2010, German
Co-founder, Ynovation, Germany