Measurable Impact
Delivering measurable impact on leader performance
Measurable Impact

Delivering measurable impact on leader performance

Maximizing and measuring the impact of talent development

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IMD Strategic Talent: developed to drive real and measurable impact 

IMD’s strapline ‘Real Learning, Real Impact’ shows how serious we are about making sure the work we do delivers real impact to our clients. A lack of evidence and demonstrated impact is one of the key frustrations we hear from our clients. IMD Strategic Talent’s comprehensive suite of tools and advisory services embed analytics into the talent development journey so we can track, refine and measure impact. We have a dedicated impact team who focuses on tracking and capturing the impact on performance, as well as our ongoing research linking our learning performance models to organizational outcomes. This provides you with a strong value story and measurable ROI.  Our forthcoming white paper on enhancing learning impact provides the evidence base for our approach.   

IMD Voyager Talent Assessments 

IMD Voyager typically includes assessments, precision tools that identify key talent development needs for different types of roles. IMD Voyager Talent Assessments are modular. We work with you to understand your talent strategy, align on the target performance model, then choose the assessments to provide you the insights you need for progression planning and talent development.

Focus 1: What you can do

These are assessments focused on understanding the individual’s level of knowledge and experience in key topic areas. These may be assessed via topic-specific assessments or via holistic career experience surveys and interviews for the purposes of progression planning.

Focus 2: What you want to do

Assessments focused on understanding the individual’s capacity, motivation and attributes to understand what can be unlocked to enable the individual to achieve their full performance potential. This includes exploring the leader’s aspirations and purpose.

A thorough leadership assessment helps leaders identify their strengths and growth opportunities. Through IMD Strategic Talent, we translate these needs into detailed individualized development plans and set them through a structured growth journey where progress is systematically tracked and monitored.

Professor Misiek Piskorski Program Academic Co-Director

Individualized development plans: developing leaders through education, exposure, and experience 

After identifying potential leaders, a precise system of developing them is required to ensure these candidates are ready to step into their leadership roles when called upon. There are three key elements in a leader’s development – Education, Exposure, and Experience.  

  1. Education – Expert-led development to address knowledge and skill gaps.   
  2. Experience – projects, work rotations, job placements, new roles, structured experiential learning sessions.  
  3. Exposure – mentoring, shadowing, observation, study tours.  

These building blocks provide the inputs to learning. The throughputs – processing the learning to generate insights, crystallize new capabilities and facilitate their application across different challenges and situations – are a key part of increasing impact. That’s where IMD’s focus on using digital coordination of learning journeys can amplify impact by managing the stakeholder environment, encompassing coaches, managers, peers and other critical players. The evidence shows that actively managing the environment in which the leader is operating can significantly increase transfer of learning from program to practice.

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