On campus program
Venture Asset Management

Build solid foundational knowledge on the risks and opportunities of investing in venture assets.

On campus program

Venture Asset Management

Build solid foundational knowledge on the risks and opportunities of investing in venture assets.

Location On campus

Length 2 days

Fee CHF 2,600

Next program starts 31 August 2023

Gaining confidence to make smart investment decisions in the venture capital market

Venture assets is an increasingly popular asset class, thanks to its ability to generate attractive returns and to foster innovations. Yet investing in venture assets remains a mystery for many investors. IMD’s Venture Asset Management program is designed to equip you with the tools to understand the risks and opportunities of investing in venture assets.

This program is designed to build solid foundational knowledge of the venture capital industry and to develop a cross-sectoral community for peer exchanges.

Gain venture capital finance literacy

Get an overview of the European venture capital market and explore the dynamics of venture assets.

Deep dive into the methods

Understand financial valuation methods to evaluate start-ups and their implications for investors.

Tackle risk assessment and portfolio diversification

Understand how risks of venture assets compare to other asset classes and how to construct well-diversified portfolios.

Manage sustainable portfolios

Learn what it takes to invest in venture assets and how to identify investment opportunities.

Join a growing community

Become part of a peer network of practitioners and leaders in this space.

You and your class

The program is ideal for finance professionals who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of venture investing and venture asset management; including pension fund managers, business lawyers, family office representatives, wealth and portfolio managers of banks, investment managers of insurance companies or large corporates, private angel investors.

Typical participants profiles include Swiss and European industry and finance representatives:

  • Pension funds
  • Business lawyers
  • Family offices
  • Private investors
  • Wealth managers / Relationship managers / Portfolio managers
  • CIO (banking)
  • Investment managers (insurance)
  • Asset Managers as well as External Asset Managers
  • Investment Managers (large corporates)

There is enough innovation and creativity in Switzerland and Europe to compete with other countries in terms of quality of start-ups. Where we lag behind is in the area of funding capabilities. European risk capital is scarcer, there is less risk taking, and we hope through this project to promote venture capital as a new asset class in Europe.

Michel Demaré Chairman of IMD’s Foundation and Supervisory boards and start-up investor

This unique collaboration will accelerate the understanding, awareness, and expertise in venture asset management across Switzerland and Europe. With our unique professional network, we will support bridging the gap between the status quo and the dynamic potential of venture asset management.

Mike Baur Chief Executive Officer at Swiss Ventures Group

Benefit from cutting-edge research and practical know-how

Through a combination of theoretical foundations and practical know-how from professionals in the field, you will develop the necessary skills to make smart investment decisions.

You will gain insights from the most recent research developed within IMD’s Venture Asset Management Initiative – enriched by the practical experience of our partners and guest speakers from the industry.

This program provides plenty opportunities to network with other investors and industry professionals, creating valuable connections in different sectors.

Theoretical foundations and methods
Insights from researchers and practitioners
Practical takeaways
Rich network of committed practitioners
Topics covered (examples)
Venture Capital Markets – A European Perspective

Blend of theory, practical know-how, guest speakers and case studies.

 Example of topics covered:
• Industry and market dynamics in Switzerland and Europe
• Funding gaps in the Swiss start-up ecosystem

Investing in Venture Assets

Blend of theory, practical know-how, guest speakers and case studies.

Example of topics covered:
• Financial valuation methods
• Risk assessment
• Performance benchmarking with other asset classes

Managing Sustainable Portfolios

Blend of theory, practical know-how, guest speakers and case studies.

Example of topics covered:
• Portfolio construction and diversification
• ESG aspects of portfolio management

A strategic approach to investing in venture assets can enhance institutional investors’ overall portfolio performance and generate alpha.

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Karl Schmedders Program Director, Professor of Finance

Benefit from faculty expertise and research

Karl Schmedders is Professor of Finance. His research and teaching focuses on sustainability and the economics of climate change. He is therefore able to provide key insights on the transition risk arising from the shift to a greener economy and help companies face up to the challenges of potential asset degradation and increasing carbon prices.

He says finance and economics offer many tools to combat climate change, and that the power of incentives and markets can be employed to make progress. In addition, businesses and consumers need to take a leading role in the search for solutions to the climate crisis and not just wait for governments and policymakers to introduce climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

Karl Schmedders’s publications
Five steps to avert further banking turmoil, without triggering a credit crunch

Failures at First Republic and others could have been avoided with tougher supervision and treasury management, as well as targeted deposit insurance and “fair value” accounting.

23 May 2023
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How to increase integrity in the voluntary carbon market

Despite the scandals that discredited the market earlier this year, a transparent and regulated voluntary carbon market is an important tool to bring us back on our 1.5°C pathway.

By Karl Schmedders, Jerome Cochet, Ricarda Röller, Angelika Schmid and Philipp Müller
16 May 2023
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Executive pay: Balancing sustainability with profitability

 Progress on ESG goals can be encouraged by aligning compensation policies to the long-term impact that organizations have on financial, social, and environmental value creation.  

By Frederic Barge and Karl Schmedders
27 April 2023
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Fighting climate change may be right, but it also needs to be fair

Measures to safeguard the planet are expensive and tend to hit those on the lowest incomes hardest. So, when it comes to ESG, it is vital to take social factors into account as well as the environment.

25 October 2022
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Program partner

This program is a collaboration with the Swiss Ventures Group (SWVG), one of the most active early-stage investors in Switzerland.


Next start & fee

Length: 2 days on campus.

31 Aug – 1 Sep 2023
2 days
CHF 2,600

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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