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Family Philanthropy Navigator

The Inspirational Guide for Philanthropic Families on Their Giving Journey

Family Philanthropy Navigator

The Inspirational Guide for Philanthropic Families on Their Giving Journey

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Philanthropy is an important and highly rewarding way to make a difference in a rapidly changing world

Like the world around us, philanthropy is changing and transforming, and philanthropic families are seeking out new ways to ensure that their giving is meaningful and impactful.

The Family Philanthropy Navigator offers an easy-to-use, step-by-step inspirational guide for new and existing philanthropic families to initiate or enhance their journey in giving.

It is a practical and engaging tool that will enable families to get together to answer the core questions at the heart of any voyage in giving: why, what, who and how?

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The Family Philanthropy Navigator is comprised of core sections and building blocks:

  1. Purpose of your giving, including your motivation, focus and ambition.
  2. Relationships you need to activate your giving, including family involvement and partners.
  3. Organization of your giving, including resources, governance and impact.
On completion of the Family Philanthropy Navigator, you will have:

understood the importance of philanthropy as an integral part of your family enterprise or ecosystem.

explored the motivation, focus and ambitions of your giving & selected the people and organizations you wish to partner with.

decided on resources, structures and processes you need to achieve impact.

learned from the stories of active philanthropists to inspire and inform your giving.

prepared thoroughly to begin your own philanthropic journey or to change the direction of your giving.

Navigating Your Family’s Philanthropic Future Across Generations

A research report in collaboration with FBN International that highlights how philanthropy becomes a lifelong passion as families start to see that they can make a real difference in the world.

To support family philanthropists in their philanthropic journeys, we joined forces with FBN International to conduct a global research project entitled “Navigating Your Family’s Philanthropic Future Across Generations.” In this report, we share insights collected from leading philanthropic families from around the globe.

We have examined their approach to family philanthropy, opportunities, and challenges, as well as the impact of their philanthropy on various levels, such as the cause, the family, business, and society at large. This extensive research project has informed not only this report but was also an invaluable source of knowledge for the “Family Philanthropy Navigator”.

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Key takeaways

  • Apply a holistic and comprehensive view of family philanthropy that fits with the purpose and inner workings of the family
  • Nurture relationships and collaborations within and outside the family
  • Leverage the resources and governance practices of the family enterprise system to better serve your beneficiaries
  • Strengthen extended learning opportunities to test, validate and adopt effective approaches to impact
  • Reflect on the viability, feasibility and desirability of your philanthropic plan by prototyping your idea early on.
Philanthropie familiale : Défis et apprentissages dans un monde en crise

This event marked the launch of the French version of the Family Philanthropy Navigator

 - IMD Business School
Family Philanthropy Navigator now in French

In francophone countries, family philanthropy is relatively widespread, however, it is often poorly known and sometimes misunderstood. On September 2023, IMD and Wise-Philanthropy Advisors co-hosted a conference in French on the topic of family Philanthropy. With over 250 participants, this event invited to reflect and exchange in order to better understand the challenges and discover what we can learn from them. The event also marked the launch of the French edition of the book “Navigateur de la Philanthropie Familiale”. This book, is the first guide in French whose purpose is to inspire and accompany families in their philanthropic adventures.

Discover the dedicated page

Podcast – Navigating Philanthrophy

by the Family Business Podcast

On this episode Russ Haworth from the family business podcast present our book, joined by Peter Vogel, Professor, Director of the IMD Global Family Business Centre and the co-author of the book.

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2021 AXIOM Award Medalist

The Family Philanthropy Navigator won the silver medal from the Axiom business book award. The prestigious prize goes to exemplary business books and their authors.

For the past 14 year, the Axiom Business Book Awards recognizes outstanding business books in philanthropy/nonprofit/sustainability as well as in more than 20 other categories, including leadership, international business/globalization, business intelligence.

The Axiom award gives business books added visibility reaching an audience of over 20,000 subscribers including agents, book buyers and librarians throughout the Axiom network.

 - IMD Business School
What experts say about the book?

I hope that the Family Philanthropy Navigator will be widely used by families around the world, seeing it as a source of inspiration, a trigger for initiating or improving conversations amongst family members and, ultimately, a catalyst to improve the state of the world through family philanthropy.

 - IMD Business School
Thierry Mauverney Chairman of Debiopharm

Business family owners can now count on a great tool to systematically and effectively respond to a growing need of non-profit support in society. This book is a practical and easy to use guide based on robust research which will allow you to gain the confidence you need to thoughtfully contribute to making the world a better place.

 - IMD Business School
André Hoffmann Vice Chairman, Roche Holding and President, MAVA Foundation

The Family Philanthropy Navigator is more than an inspiring and practical guidebook –
although it is that for sure. This innovative book cleverly instigates a transformative
process for families, a process that will clarify your philanthropic purpose as a family and help you build consensus around your goals and plans. This book is a gift.

John A. Davis Faculty Leader of the MIT Family Enterprise Programs and Chairman of the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

At this very difficult time, the world needs more philanthropists that are committed to achieve positive change and long-lasting impact. The Family Philanthropy Navigator
is a great tool for anyone who wants to ensure effective, impactful and meaningful giving.

 - IMD Business School
Beatrice Fihn Executive Director of ICAN, winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

Family philanthropy has never looked so fun! Great ideas for the whole family to spend time on motives and values. A refreshing approach to the serious topic of giving.

 - IMD Business School
Barbara Hauser Editor-in-Chief, The International Family Offices Journal, Consulting Editor of Advising the Wealthy Client

The Family Philanthropy Navigator is a truly unique and engaging book. It is a definite must read for all family members of aspiring or established philanthropic families. It provides practical, easy to use and insightful tools that can be immediately implemented in your family’s philanthropic activities.

 - IMD Business School
Risto Väyrynen Head of Family Business Community at the World Economic Forum

The Family Philanthropy Navigator is the breakthrough book of its domain. It’s a must-read practical guide for families on their giving journey and an indispensable reference book for professionals in the domain.

 - IMD Business School
Alexander Osterwalder Co-founder of Strategyzer, Award-winning author of Business Model Generation

The family philanthropy journey can be daunting, but it Family Philanthropy Navigator and its fun, hands-on activities provide practical tools any family can apply to their philanthropy effort.

 - IMD Business School
Nick Tedesco President and CEO at the National Center for Family Philanthropy

This is much more than a book: it is a practical and user-friendly tool – a must for all family philanthropists! The Navigator will guide you step-by-step in your philanthropic journey, helping you to be more strategic, more impactful and to bring along other family members in a playful way, for the love of humanity.

 - IMD Business School
Alexis du Roy de Blicquy CEO, Family Business Network (FBN)

An illuminating take on how enterprising families can approach philanthropy to build
impactful initiatives, along with business effectiveness and family cohesion. Activities
and case studies provide a practical and fresh blueprint for any family thinking through their philanthropic strategy.

Rati Forbes Director at Forbes Marshall and Forbes Marshall Foundation
Discover the book authors

We wish to see the Navigator being used by aspiring and established philanthropists all over the world and that it enables them to have a lasting impact through their giving.

Peter Vogel, Etienne Eichenberger, Malgorzata Kurak

Buy the book

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At the launch of the book, in December 2020, the 3 authors, Malgorzata, Peter & Etienne, launched a challenge to donate all book royalties for books sold before Christmas to a local organisation serving meals to those in need. We were delighted to see your enthusiasm about family philanthropy. Thanks to your support, we were able to serve over 1500 meals!

* The book is also available on the following platforms: Book Depository, Ex Libris, Buecher, Bam!, Barnes & Noble, Orell Fuessli, Blackwell’s.