Professor Paul Strebel

Swiss, South African
Governance and Strategy



Paul Strebel has been working with boards of directors and top management teams for more than 30 years on strategic vision and the resolution of boardroom conflicts. In addition to personal experience as a board director, he has facilitated highly interactive workshops and seminars on best in-class boards and strategic breakthroughs for more than 50 multinationals in Europe, U.S., South Africa, the Middle East and S.E. Asia. His work on the four classic roles of the board and how they are shaped by power, psychology and priorities has helped many boards and board directors.

Professor Emeritus Strebel has twice received the Award for Research on Leadership from the Association of Executive Search Consultants and has won numerous case study awards from the European Foundation for Management Development. He has published articles in the Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Long Range Planning, among others and is a contributor on governance issues to the business press, including the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal.

Paul Strebel's books include Breakpoints: How Managers Exploit Radical Business Change (Harvard Business School Press); The Change Pact: Building Commitment to Ongoing Change (FT Prentice Hall); Focused Energy: Mastering Bottom-up Organization (Wiley); Trajectory Management: Leading a Business over Time (Wiley); Smart Big Moves: The Story Behind Strategic Breakthroughs (FT Prentice Hall). He is the co-editor of IMD's guide book on Mastering Executive Education: How to Combine Content with Context and Emotion (FT Prentice Hall)

Professor Emeritus Strebel was educated at the University of Cape Town, Columbia University in New York, and received his doctorate from Princeton University.


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