Program learning journey

This program draws heavily on experiential and interaction-based learning. It immerses you in real-world situations and provides insights from case studies that allow you to fully grasp the complexities ESG brings to your role. Diverse IMD faculty, guest speakers and activists will share their broad perspectives on this complex topic. The program unfolds in three stages:

Program learning journey
Step 1 - Explore
10-day countdown - Online self-preparation - 30 minutes per day

Your exploration of the multiple facets of ESG begins 10 days before the program starts. You will receive short articles, videos and reflection questions designed to level up your understanding of the topic, its core concepts, terminology, frameworks and tools. You will evaluate your board’s sustainability potential and prepare your reflections to share with your peers on campus.

Step 2 - Experience
Situational learning - On campus - 2 days

Highly diverse situational learning is a key component of the program. Over your two days on campus, you will take part in crisis simulations, be interviewed by activists and explore how to harness the upsides of ESG without falling into the trap of greenwashing. Theoretical knowledge and frameworks will support you during role-plays and back in the boardroom.

Step 3 - Engage
Post-program exchanges

After the program, you and your fellow program participants will form a community for sharing experiences and ideas. Your conversations will be fueled by further insights from IMD.

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