IMD MBA Schedule

Discover the MBA schedule & program modules.

IMD MBA Schedule

Discover the MBA schedule & program modules.

Your journey

The IMD MBA Program aims to develop leaders who challenge what is and inspire could be, while transforming organizations and contributing to society.

October – December


Our Participant Services team will offer personal support and advice and introduce you to external partners for elements such as insurance and banking.



Off-campus housing, usually within walking distance, is available through our relocation partners for yourself, to share, or for your family.

Course work


Prepare for topics such as finance, leadership and accounting before the start of the program through Faculty-set assignments and readings.

Career development


Developing your personal brand and professional profile before you arrive on campus frees up time to focus on adapting to the learning environment of the MBA.

Partner integration


Our Partner Integration Advisor is on hand to offer practical advice for your partner and, where applicable, children and guide them through their different options.

January – April
Opening week
Orientation & logistics

Opening week

Start developing the bonds that will last you a lifetime, explore the campus, meet the MBA team, complete essential administrative tasks and arrival logistics. The journey begins!

Core courses

Professor Florian Hoos

Gain a toolkit for understanding, interpreting and designing internal financial reports and public external financial statements as a sophisticated business manager.

Business & Society

Professor Knut Haanaes

Business plays an increasingly important role in society. Discuss the global roles of key stakeholders such as NGOs, international organizations and governments with guest speakers.


Professor Ralf Boscheck

Examine the economic forces driving competition in industries and markets and cover concepts of standard micro- and macro-economics, trade theory and political economy.


Professor Arturo Bris

Explore core concepts in Finance and Capital Markets: the trade-off between risk & return; project valuation and strategies to finance operations and growth; M&A and behavioural finance.


Professor Jennifer Jordan

Identify the guiding values that shape your leadership behavior and how to harness the value of diversity and trust for better team and organizational performance.


Professor Frédéric Dalsace

Understand how to use market knowledge, identify and analyse sources of sustainable competitive advantage, and design practical digital marketing strategies.


Professor Ralf Seifert

Augment your understanding of key concepts of supply chain management practice and gain appreciation of how the concepts can be successfully implemented.


Professor Omar Toulan

Understand how to size up the external environment of a firm in its entirety, configure internal choices to attain a competitive advantage and sustain that advantage.

Teaching methods

A holistic overview

You will complete an end-of-module integrative exercise and in order to continue to the next level, you will need to pass exams in all core courses.


Professor Benoit Leleux

Why is entrepreneurship an important part of an MBA? The stream explores skills involved in starting, acquiring, growing, rejuvenating and harvesting entrepreneurial businesses.

Startup Projects

Professor Benoit Leleux

From January to April, work in teams with early-stage, high-tech startup ventures to strengthen your understanding of this environment and its challenges.

Project examples

3 case studies

Read about three examples of past startup projects and the actions each MBA team took to help their assigned company to reach their target.

Entrepreneurial alumni

Career impact

The career path of many of our alumni includes entrepreneurship, read about some of their different experiences.

May – June
Projects & Labs
Innovation lab

Professors Julia Binder & Florian Hoos

A rich week of learning that will help you explore new angles of leadership and sustainability whilst experiencing how innovation really works in practice.

Discovery Expeditions

Professor Omar Toulan

Two one-week trips focus on engaging where the future is being shaped by visiting innovative tech hubs as a whole class and developing your global awareness.

Digital Analytics Lab

Professor Amit Joshi

Ensure you have the practical programming experience on how to make the most of the digital challenges the world is facing and move from digital survival to digital innovation.

Summer Break

Take the chance to refresh and reflect on what you’ve learned so far.

Specialized courses

Develop a deeper knowledge and experiential understanding of business areas such as negotiations, international strategy, strategy beyond the market and finance.

Discovery Expeditions

Professor Omar Toulan

Two one-week trips focus on engaging where the future is being shaped by visiting innovative tech hubs as a whole class and developing your global awareness.

September – October
Global high impact

International Consulting Projects (ICP)

Spend 7 weeks working with multinationals to implement your skills in a global setting and provide concrete recommendations to top management on a current issue they are facing.

Go to market

Launch & secure

Take advantage of dedicated networking and interview time to secure your future role through on and off-campus recruiting events with diverse, global companies.


Out of the wide range of electives offered, select four areas that you want to explore more. Each year, electives offered are adapted to take advantage of latest research, trends and interests.

Leadership & Communications

Engage, inspire and transition

Electives on corporate governance priorities and psychology; the impact of innovation on leadership; visual storytelling and public speaking.


Digital dynamics

These electives focus on leveraging a digital ecosystem, digital transformation; and the use of big data and data analytics for strategic decision making.


Financial concepts and challenges

These electives on the impact of new technologies, the links between Finance & Strategy, or understanding a trillion dollar market.


Social and sustainable impact

Electives explore aspects of social, economic and environmental challenges; the new role of marketing; and ethical implications and policy decisions.


Survive and thrive

From marketing perspective to risk & crisis management, learn how to outlast competition, master the tools to embrace complexity and deepen your ability to extract value out of problem solving.


Fast and informed decisions

Explore a number of analytical tools and techniques to solve complex business problems

My Future
Program wrap-up
A thought-provoking week of celebration and closure as well as a forward view to the rest of your career with guest speakers, alumni and faculty.


Family, friends, the IMD community and national ambassadors gather to congratulate you as you receive your diploma. Top participants join the Honours List.

Alumni welcome

The IMD Alumni Community

Upon graduation you join our powerful and global alumni network, with access to lifelong learning opportunities and networking events. We also hope to welcome you back as mentors, project sponsors or recruiters.