Guest speakers

Discover our guest speakers for the 2023 MBA program.

Guest speakers

Discover our guest speakers for the 2023 MBA program.

Inspiring the future

The majority of your courses throughout the year incorporate distinguished guest speakers who add invaluable insights to the topics and case studies you are discussing. Business leaders offer real-world learning by giving an overview of their company and industry, describing their career progress and the challenges they have faced, and by offering advice and tips on current business issues. See below a sample of our guest speakers.

Featured 2023 guest speakers
Christoph Aeschlimann 2
Christoph Aeschlimann
CEO of Swisscom

Christoph Aeschlimann is the Head of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd and CEO of Swisscom Ltd, bringing exceptional IT, management, and market experience to the telecommunications industry.

With a degree in computer science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and an MBA from McGill University, he has a deep understanding of the network and infrastructure sector.

Since taking on his role in June 2022, Christoph has continued to drive Swisscom forward, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the industry.

Filip Dames 2
Filip Dames
Founding Partner Cherry Ventures

Having a wealth of experience in the world of startups, Filip Dames is a force to be reckoned with. He founded a proto-NFT marketplace in 2008 and the following year went on to be part of the founding team of the popular online retailer where he was the Chief Business Development Officer.

These experiences have undoubtedly informed his strategy with Cherry Ventures, a Berlin-based seed fund that has seen a string of successes under his leadership.

It’s no surprise that he was recently named German Start-up Investor of the Year by the German Start-up Association, and in 2022, he made his debut on Forbes’ Midas List Europe, solidifying his reputation as one of the most influential figures in the tech industry.

2023 guest list

08 March

Eric Way

Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity & CSR

Schindler Group 

15 March 2023

Agathe Keim

Project Leader

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

15 March 2023

Nico Drohojowski

VP Finance

24 Hour Fitness

15 March 2023

Kyra Constanze Pauly

VP and Global Head Crop Protection Stewardship


15 March 2023

Frederic Voillemot

CFO and EVP Business Development for Asia, Middle East, and Africa

Universal Music Group

16 March

Oliver Kohlhaas

Head of Strategy and Business Consulting


17 March

Filip Dames

Founding Partner Cherry Ventures (Former Chief Business Development Officer of Zalando)

Cherry Ventures

22 March

Jaap Rommelaar

Co-Founder of ZoomAgri


23 March

Christoph Aeschlimann

CEO of Swisscom


27 March

Juan Jimenez Criado

Director of Strategy

Pepsi Lipton International

29 March

Frank Vivier

Chief Transformation Officer


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