IMD campus

Discover what our campus has to offer.

IMD campus

Discover what our campus has to offer.

Global and inspiring

We put a strong emphasis on creating an environment where you can focus on your learning experience.

Each year, clubs and activities adapt to the specific class culture and joint interests of a diverse group. Career clusters help you to develop specific industry understanding and networks according to your goals, while committees organize social and sports activities, guest speakers and the yearbook.

The inspiring lake and mountain views, vibrant local festivals and active outdoor life add to the overall experience. Skiing, biking, football and marathons combine with lakeside BBQs, water sports and fondues as well as the famous Montreux Jazz Festival.

Exceptional professional facilities
A collaborative and global community
An inspiring and safe environment

IMD is set on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva and comprises a series of perfectly maintained buildings dating from 1787 for “the Residence” to 2008 for “the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Center,” which houses IMD’s biggest auditorium and luxurious conference rooms.

Our MBA students benefit from their own designated space which incorporates fully-equipped study rooms and video-conferencing facilities, as well as a kitchen area, power-nap room, partner/family room and a recreational area. The MBA auditoriums are close to the Research Information and Knowledge Hub, and MBAs also enjoy our top-ranked restaurant and friendly cafeteria as well as convenient sports facilities.

Collaborative, open and pioneering

IMD’s close-knit community combines diverse connections with personalized attention. We deliver insights, tools and mindsets to 8,000 executives each year, while our 1:2 Faculty MBA ratio enables professors to get to know you personally, as well as your profile and future aspirations.

A world leader and pioneer in corporate leadership development, the campus hosts a Family Business Center, World Competitiveness Center and the CISCO Research Chair on Digital Disruption.

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“IMD is a one-year boot camp of self-discovery and leadership development. The school created a safe environment that allowed me to try new things, explore myself, and stretch my potential beyond what I was aware of.” Georgios Mavromatis (MBA 2015)