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IMD Faculty members publish 10/15 new books per year. Here are the list of the most recent ones.

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Private Equity 4.0 linkButton Private Equity 4.0

Reinventing Value Creation

by IMD Professor Benoit Leleux, Hans van Swaay and Esmeralda Megally

Wiley, 2015

Private Equity 4.0 provides an insider perspective on the private equity industry, and analyzes the fundamental evolution of the private equity asset class over the past 30 years, from alternative to mainstream. The book provides insightful interviews of key industry figures, and case studies of some of the success stories in the industry. It also answers key questions related to strategy, fund manager selection, incentive mechanisms, performance comparison, red flags in prospectuses, and more.

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Thriving in the Future linkButton Thriving in the Future

A Responsible Leader's Guide to Sustainability

by Allen Morrison and Heidi Strebel (IMD Global CEO Center)

IMD Publishing, 2015

Sustainability and responsible leadership are more than hot boardroom topics. They are the key to a successful future for every company, large or small, across the globe. But do the enormous technical and psychological challenges of transforming your organization into a sustainable poster-child fill you with frustration, skepticism or feelings of helplessness? Do you feel overwhelmed? Confused? Burned by expensive attempts to lead your organization onto sustainable paths that failed to result in "triple wins" for your business, society and the planet? Let global leadership guru Professor Allen Morrison and sustainability expert Dr Heidi Strebel of IMD's Global CEO Center guide you into a future in which your company will not only survive but thrive.

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A Social Strategy linkButton A Social Strategy

How We Profit From Social Media

by IMD Professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski

Princeton University Press, 2014

What makes social media so different from traditional media? Answering that question is the key to making social media work for any business, argues Mikolaj Piskorski, one of the world's leading experts on the business of social media. In A Social Strategy, he provides the most convincing answer yet, one backed by original research, data, and case studies from companies such as Nike and American Express.

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The Global Trends Fieldbook linkButton The Global Trends Fieldbook

From Data to Insights to Action

by IMD Professor Tom Malnight and Tracey Keys

Strategy Dynamics, 2014

Preparing an organization for this future is not an easy task. It means thinking differently, having a point of view on the future and taking action today. Drawing on a wealth of case studies and examples from BMW and DSM to Tencent, Infosys and Realdania, trend analysis from The Global Trends Report and interviews with CEOs around, the world from Ready? The 3RS of preparing your organization for the future, The Global Trends Fieldbook focuses on the critical steps of moving from data to insights to taking actions today to prepare businesses, governments, NGOs and societies for the future.

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Halo Effect (2nd ed.) linkButton The Halo Effect (updated ed.)

How Managers Let Themselves Be Deceived

by IMD Professor Phil Rosenzweig

Simon & Schuster, 2014

Too many of the most prominent management gurus today make steel-clad guarantees, based on claims of irrefutable research, promising to reveal the secrets of why one company fails and another succeeds, and how you can become the latter. Combining equal measures of solemn-faced hype and a whole body of delusions, statistical and otherwise, these self-styled experts cloud our ability to think critically about the nature of success in business. Like a virus, these fundamental errors of thinking infect much of what we read, whether in leading business magazines, scholarly journals, or management bestsellers.

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Value Chain Shift linkButton The Value Chain Shift

Seven Future Challenges Facing Top Executives

edited by IMD Professor Carlos Cordón and Teresa Ferreiro

IMD Publishing, 2014

Value chains today have a huge impact on multinational corporations? right to exist and the way they compete. The future challenges associated with value chains are also huge and include new demands from society, emerging-market strategies, resource scarcity, risk proliferation and other issues. Anticipating and addressing these future challenges are crucial if companies are to compete effectively.

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Global Leadership Challenge linkButton The Global Leadership Challenge

by IMD Professors Stewart Black and Allen Morrison

Routledge, 2014

The economy is global, businesses are increasingly global, management has gone global and there is an increasing demand (and reward) for truly skilled global leaders, managers and executives. Black and Morrison address this change by asking why and when globalization truly began and explain how businesses can adapt themselves to remain competitive in increasingly global markets.

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Strategies for e-Business - 3rd ed. linkButton Strategies for e-Business (3rd ed.)

Creating Value Through Electronic and Mobile Commerce

by IMD Professor Albrecht Enders, Tawfik Selassi and Francisco J. Martinez Lopez

Pearson, 2014

Strategies for E-Business provides realistic and compact coverage of the key concepts linking strategy and e-business, illustrated by original case studies. Ideal for MBA students and upper level undergraduates, this book utilises extensive research, strategic frameworks, a methodological toolset and original real-world case studies to link e-business to overall corporate strategy. It builds awareness and sharpens students' analytical understanding of how companies have developed and implemented electronic and mobile commerce strategies in the real world and the issues and challenges that e-commerce strategies and applications present.

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Innovation Governance linkButton Innovation Governance

How Top Managers Organizes and Mobilizes for Innovation

by IMD Professor Jean-Philippe Deschamps

Jossey-Bass, 2014

Innovation governance is a hot topic in the business world. In a fast-paced business environment, the ability of corporate leaders to build purpose, direction, and focus for innovation is more important than ever.

In this book, the authors provide a framework for encouraging and focusing innovation by explaining what innovation governance is, the various models for governance and their advantages and disadvantages, how to assess and improve governance practices, and behavioural tactics for maximising the effectiveness of governance.

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Quest linkButton Quest: Leading Global Transformations

The IMD Guide to the Seven Journeys Reshaping Corporations Today

by IMD Professor Anand N. and Jean-Louis Barsoux

IMD Publishing, 2014

This book identifies and addresses the seven transformation journeys that are reshaping corporations today. It integrates and builds on the collective experience and learning of IMD's professors, who work directly with many organizations around the world and observe their transformation struggles at close range. By taking a holistic and interdisciplinary view of how organizations are transforming themselves, IMD's faculty accompany global executives - as individuals and as leaders of global corporations - on their transformation journeys.

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