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IMD Faculty members publish 10/15 new books per year. Here are the list of the most recent ones.

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Finance for Executives linkButton Finance for Executives

A Practical Guide for Managers

by Nuno Fernandes

NPV Publishing, 2014

The book Finance for Executives: A Practical Guide for Managers meets the needs of global executives, both finance as well as non-financial managers. It is a practical and fundamental finance reference book for any manager, as it makes a perfect balance of financial management theory and practice. It focuses on corporate finance concepts from value creation to derivatives, including cost of capital (and WACC), valuation, financing policies, project evaluation, and many other essential finance definitions.

Finance for Executives makes finance simple and intuitive, through the use of real world data (brief company case studies and empirical examples of concepts), Excel financial modelling tools, and practical short chapters.

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Quest linkButton Quest: Leading Global Transformations

The IMD Guide to the Seven Journeys Reshaping Corporations Today

by Anand N. and Jean-Louis Barsoux

IMD, 2014

This book identifies and addresses the seven transformation journeys that are reshaping corporations today. It integrates and builds on the collective experience and learning of IMD's professors, who work directly with many organizations around the world and observe their transformation struggles at close range. By taking a holistic and interdisciplinary view of how organizations are transforming themselves, IMD's faculty accompany global executives - as individuals and as leaders of global corporations - on their transformation journeys.

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Left Brain, Right Stuff linkButton Left Brain, Right Stuff

How Leaders Make Winning Decisions

by Phil Rosenzweig

Private Affairs, 2014

As Phil Rosenzweig shows, drawing on examples from business, sports and politics, this sort of decision-making relies on mastering two very different abilities. First, the analytical problem-solving skills associated with the brain's left hemisphere; and second, what Tom Wolfe called 'the Right Stuff': the ability to take calculated risks. Bringing fresh and often surprising insights to topics including confidence and overconfidence, the uses and limits of decision models, leadership and authenticity, expert performance and deliberate practice, competitive bidding and new venture management, this book explains how to perform when making even the most difficult decisions.

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It Starts with One - 3rd ed. linkButton It Starts with One - 3rd ed.

Changing Individuals Changes Organizations

by Stewart Black

Pearson, 2013

As many as 60% of organizational change initiatives fail. This means that many normally successful, motivated, and determined managers nonetheless struggle to lead change effectively. Most of those leadership failures share a common cause: managers mistakenly believe that organizational change is brought about by changing the organization. The truth is this: organizations change only as much or as fast as individuals change. And, to change individual behavior, you must first change the mental maps guiding that behavior.

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Governance in Family Enterprises linkButton Governance in Family Enterprises

Maximizing Economic and Emotional Success

by Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez; Alexander Koeberle-Schmid; Ernesto Poza

Palgrave MacMillan, 2013

Governance in Family Enterprises provides a highly comprehensive and global look at family business governance, incorporating financial, emotional, cultural, and family aspects, to achieve overall success. The book celebrates family businesses and helps them to achieve their full potential through successful governance strategies.

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Talent Intelligence linkButton Talent Intelligence

What You Need to Know to Identify and Measure Talent

by Shlomo Ben-Hur, Nik Kinley

Jossey-Bass, 2013

Much has been written about best practices for measuring talent and which tests and tools to use, however there is little written that explores what businesses need to do to ensure that these measures have a real-world impact on the bottom line. This book fills that gap.

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Yes Mum, Business is an Art linkButton Yes Mum, Business is an Art

Bread & Butter Lessons from One of the World?s Sharpest Business Schools

by Jacques-Edouard Guillemot

Self Published, 2013

Yes Mum, Business is an Art is a visual and down-to-earth roadbook of a year in the IMD MBA programs, designed for the talented and curious who want to get prepared for the next step. This daily companion features the experience of an entrepreneur, together with 176 practitioners, cutting-edge academics and outstanding achievers. You'll discover what makes Michael Porter and SWOT analysis irrelevant, what is the cost of politics in large organizations, when to bury cash in your garden and how to choose your MBA.

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Ready? linkButton Ready?

The 3Rs of Preparing Your Organization for the Future

by Tom Malnight; Tracey S. Keys; Kees van der Graaf

Strategy Dynamics, 2013

What do Indian tractors and iconic America ice-cream companies have in common? Why are leaders of Unilever and Nestlé redefining their futures? Why does this matter to you? The world is shifting and it's fast and furious. The world is more connected every day. Global challenges are multiplying - and the institutions that we expect to take care of these issues can't do it alone. Are you - and your organization - ready for this world? If not, you had better get ready - if you don?t rethink your business, someone else will.

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Click here to learn more about "Leading in a Connected Future". 

Reinventing Giants linkButton Reinventing Giants

How Chinese Global Competitor Haier Has Changed the Way Big Companies Transform

by Bill Fischer, Umberto Lago, Fang Liu

Jossey-Bass, 2013

Chinese firms are reinventing their business models, their corporate cultures, and themselves, becoming global competitors who increasingly offer knowledge rather than cheap labour in their quest to join the ranks of the "world's best" companies. This book offers a compelling profile of the most ambitious of these emerging Chinese competitors, the Haier Corporation (the world's largest manufacturer of home appliances), and shares insights on how one organization has repeatedly reinvented its business model and corporate culture in an effort to sustain its success.

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First 90 Day, Updated and Expanded linkButton First 90 Days, Updated and Expanded

Proven strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter

by Michael Watkins

Harvard Business Review Press, 2013

Transitions are a critical time for leaders. In fact, most agree that moving into a new role is the biggest challenge a manager will face. While transitions offer a chance to start fresh and make needed changes in an organization, they also place leaders in a position of acute vulnerability. Missteps made during the crucial first three months in a new role can jeopardize or even derail your success.

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